Bulwell lady’s ‘friendly’ canine ‘tore portions’ from little kid’s face and scalp


Sharon Hay informed the kid’s dad her fighter border collie cross, Rufus, got along and welcomed the kid to snuggle him, Nottingham Magistrates Court was informed.

When the little kid covered his arm around the canine’s neck it got the left side of his face and pulled him to the ground, prior to ‘locking on on to left side of his head’.

His dad attempted to prise the canine’s jaw open and punched it a number of times in desperation while screaming for aid.

Nottingham Magistrates Court.

When the canine launched the kid it opted for his dad’s throat. He got it by the scruff of its neck and tossed it away.

District judge Grace Leong explained the kid’s injuries as ‘very gory’ and declined to reveal the photos due to the fact that they would distress those in court.

He required skin grafts for the injuries to his head and cheek and will have ‘long-lasting scarring in more methods than one’.

Hay confessed being the owner of a canine that was alarmingly out of control, however declared she was holding a lead which snapped when Rufus assaulted on May 7.

An unique hearing at Nottingham Magistrates Court discovered Hay stopped working to put security and control procedures in location after confessing ‘didn’t proceed with some other pet dogs’.

” I was attempting to do whatever I might to assist,” she stated. “I was helpless. I had the little kid in my arms. I had blood all over my coat and my top.”

The judge ruled the canine wasn’t on a lead and Hay didn’t step in ‘due to the fact that the canine was acting in such an aggressive method’ in a ‘fast-moving, stunning and frightening’ occurrence.

Hay explained Rufus as ‘caring and lively in your home’ and had the canine put down due to the fact that ‘I can not risk him harming another kid or lady.’

She stated she was ‘definitely ravaged’ for the household and ‘could not ponder having another canine’.

On Tuesday, Hay, 52, of Deptford Crescent, Bulwell, got 10 months, suspended for 12 months, and need to pay ₤ 3,000 settlement.

She was prohibited from owning animals for 3 years.

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