Thursday, June 1, 2023
Thursday, June 1, 2023
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Snakes, japes and a cowboy hat: The celebration of a remarkable season with Sheffield Wednesday

The weather behaved. The crowds came in their thousands. Callum Paterson wore an inflatable snake around his neck.For all the lows, for the Forest...

The Largest Rattlesnake Was Longer Than a Giraffe’s Neck—3 Reasons It Grew So Large

Was there really a rattlesnake that grew longer than a giraffe’s neck? Yep! And it was a fat one, too, weighing over 30 pounds.Eastern...
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5ft-long snake removed from Thai classroom after it’s spotted by ‘eagle-eyed’ schoolboy

An eagle-eyed schoolboy kept his classmates from harm after spotting a 5ft-long rat snake entering their classroom in Thailand.The children were busy working when...

Snake Bytes 5/31: Believe – AZ Snake Pit

Diamondbacks News Colorado 1, Arizona 5Arizona did exactly what...

“He Could Have Eaten Me Alive”: Rock Music Icon Recalls Meeting Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts in an Intimate Setting

Jake “The Snake” Roberts was a prominent figure in WWE’s Golden Era. He had an intense, physiological persona filled with dark charisma. Plus, despite...
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City of Battle Creek: No venomous snakes loose at Bailey Park

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. — A story slithering around Calhoun County regarding venomous snakes at Battle Creek's Bailey Park has been squashed, according to the...

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