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The $25,000 cat: Meet Princess, the cat who is living like a queen


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Once abandoned and malnourished, Princess, a partly blind rescue cat, has actually made it through 2 significant brain surgical treatments worth about $25,000, and is living like a queen.

The tabby and white moggy had to do with 6 months old when she was discovered by a member of the general public and required to Timaru’s​ Family Vet in 2020.

Only months after being detected as partly blind, Princess started to have seizures and a cyst was found in the back of her skull through a scan at Timaru Hospital.

An operation to eliminate the cyst in Auckland, triggered a profusion of neighborhood assistance, with about $15,000 raised by the public to money the surgical treatment.

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A 2nd surgical treatment, in Christchurch, cost about $10,000, practice owner Jamie Crilly said.

The cost had actually been no deterrent, and the cat more than offseted it as she is now popular by clients and their owners at the surgical treatment, he said.

Princess has had two brain operations worth about $25,000 but the joy she brings is priceless, her owners say.
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Princess has actually had 2 brain operations worth about $25,000 however the delight she brings is invaluable, her owners state.

She frequently lies with animals while they awaken from an operation, and offers convenience to those who might be nervous about their family pet’s health.

“We had no hesitation in her having the operations,” Crilly said.

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“She’s a special cat to us and what she means to us equates to more than the cost of the operations.

“She’s very popular at the clinic.”

He said consumers would frequently ask after her, and request her to be highlighted of her bed.

Timaru's Family Vet practice owner, Jamie Crilly, sneaks a cuddle with Princess this week.


Timaru’s Family Vet practice owner, Jamie Crilly, slips a cuddle with Princess today.

Crilly saw Princess as a “wellness package” for the staff.

“We couldn’t pay for the equivalent.

“She’s also a therapy cat, and she certainly works for it.”

Not a cat to “act normal”, Crilly said Princess might see shadows at a range and tended to stroll in circles.

“She also loves being cuddled.”

She lives at the surgical treatment full-time, with 2 sis.

Crilly said Princess had a fantastic way of life at the center, and was well secured by staff and consumers, in addition to other animals.

Last Saturday she was likewise at the South Canterbury Relay For Life, with individuals paying to have cuddles with her.

Princess the cat was found abandoned when she was about 6 months old.


Princess the cat was discovered abandoned when she had to do with 6 months old.

Her very first trip, Princess remained for 8 hours and was prepared to leave, however Crilly said the next day it was as if she wished to head out once again.

“She loved it.”

Princess has actually not had a seizure for more than a year, and he was enthusiastic that suggested they were now under control.

“She has brain damage and very short term memory – that’s very limited.”

Princess took part in the South Canterbury Relay For Life last weekend, with people paying to cuddle her.


Princess participated in the South Canterbury Relay For Life last weekend, with individuals paying to snuggle her.

She has the ability to strike and frequently gets on bees or flies from about 2m.

During the day she sleeps on Crilly’s desk at the center.

“She likes going outside, and then she’ll disappear for two or three hours at a time.”

Crilly said Princess lived like a queen.

“She rules the roost.”

Princess the cat rules the roost, her owner says.


Princess the cat rules the roost, her owner says.

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