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Mum keeps in mind dog enthusiast Charlie on Crufts television program


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A mom who introduced a dog day care centre to keep the memory of her child alive has actually appeared on television at Crufts.

Toni Ilsley, from Emmer Green, was talked to by Channel 4 speaker Clare Balding at the dog program, which is supporting Stand Up to Cancer.

A movie was likewise aired which stated how her child Charlie Iwas detected with medulloblastoma, the most top-quality brain tumour discovered in kids, when he was 8.

After going through years of pioneering treatments throughout the world, he passed away at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading in December 2020, when he was 13.

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Toni said: “Charlie just woke up one morning and he was sick, so, we went for a scan and I knew then that they had found something. It was a big tumour on the back of his head and one part had gone deep into his brain.”

Charlie’s had eye surgical treatment and facial surgical treatment. His pituitary gland was harmed so he couldn’t grow any longer and couldn’t stroll effectively. Then 2 tumours were discovered in his spinal column.

His treatment continued however in 2020 his condition ended up being crucial. It was then he had a “lightbulb moment” about what he wished to perform in life.   Toni remembered: “There was one day when Charlie was being in his wheelchair and he had about 20 puppies around him.

“He said, ‘I know what I want to do, mum, I want to work with dogs’. It was on a Wednesday and he died on the Saturday so I knew it was something that I had to do.”

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Toni opened Charlie’s Place in June 2021 after transforming the garage at their family home in Buckingham Drive prior to likewise establishing Charlie’s Dog Place in Sonning Common.

“My life is dogs 24/7,” she said. “We take care of dogs from 8am up until 6pm and it’s definitely insane. People bring their dogs here so that they can go to work without stressing over their dogs. Sometimes they similar to to have a day of rest and often they similar to to bring them so they can hang out with other dogs.

“Charlie’s Place has actually assisted a lot in handling Charlie’s death. I don’t believe I would have endured it without this location since I still seem like I am doing something for him and I understand he truly wished to do it. He enjoyed dogs.

“I am so happy when I shut the doors in the evening — we’re keeping his memory alive and it keeps me going. I’ve got a function in life once again. I understand that Charlie would have definitely enjoyed it and, for me, simply being hectic 24/7 with these dogs and doing something for Charlie keeps me going.

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“Going into it I wished to learn as much as I might so I am doing a masters in behaviour and I’m a dog fitness instructor and a behaviourist now.

“It is very hard work, especially with the weather we have had for the last week, being outside with them all day. It’s hard work but I wouldn’t change it.”

Balding asked what she believed dogs reacted finest to?

Toni responded: “I just think being positive, just loving them, and I think there has got to be a little bit of authority there. I think they need to know who’s boss and just being kind, just giving them cuddles and treats, of course.”

Balding recommended that she should think of how happy Charlie would be of her.

Toni responded: “He’d probably be laughing and would say, ‘This is brilliant but I think I’m going to play on my X-box now’.”

Stand-as much as Cancer is motivating dog owners to use up the Walkies Challenge in April to raise money. For more info, check out

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