LETTER: Issues about dog fouling in Warrington


Definitely it is time to bring back the dog licence to the UK.

As it is, browsing Warrington’s streets on foot, attempting to prevent dog mess along the method, resembles a slalom course the Winter season Olympics.

The things is all over.

The last straw for me was recently when I went through a stack in Stockton Heath with my pram.

Not understanding it entered the vehicle so it was hours then in the pitch black and night cleaning and cleaning up.

Do these dog owners not care for the well-being of other individuals?

Is it excessive effort to get after their pets so they leave it to the rest people?

The issue is becoming worse so I see just one service, take the pets off them.

Have a licence.

If you are captured letting your dog nasty in a pavement or park and do not tidy up, you lose your licence.

May make a few of Warrington’s self-centered dog owners reconsider.

Although possibly not, possibly they care so little that they will continue regardless.

However something needs to be done due to the fact that the scenario actually is absurd.


Stockton Heath

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