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Dog news: Animal chihuahua trampled to death by huge cat while out on day-to-day walk – ‘Saw a face’|United States|News


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A cherished nine-year-old animal chihuahua was trampled and ripped far from its walker by a notorious mountain lion in a frightening attack in California. The huge cat, renowned for formerly eliminating a koala at LA Zoo, took Piper, a nine-year-old chihuahua, as she strolled in the Hollywood Hills. CCTV caught the huge cat lurking near to the Los Angeles area on the night Piper was taken.

Her dog walker, who wants to stay confidential, stated he felt a “yank” on the lead throughout the walk – prior to hearing the dog “screech” as she was taken by the cat.

” I felt the yank and I heard Piper screech,” the walker, who had another dog on a lead, informed KTLA-TV.

” I reverse and I simply saw a face. I didn’t understand what it was.

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” It resembled a 2 or three-second battle.

” He had Piper in his mouth. He didn’t roar at all.

” I didn’t even hear him. I never ever had an opportunity.”

The huge cat, a mountain lion, has actually now been recognized as P-22. It is among numerous huge felines tracked in the location by the National forest Service. He is 11 years of ages and weighs around 123 pounds (56kg).

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Owner Daniel Jimenez was ravaged to get a text stating Piper had actually been taken.

He stated: “We believed it was a joke, however it ended up it was genuine and we were simply shocked.

” My better half and I got Piper in 2014.

” We saved her and she was simply the sweetest dog. We’re simply ravaged at the loss of our little dog.”

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The mountain lion invests the majority of his time within Griffith Park, situated in the Santa Monica Mountains in Southern California.

It is among the biggest local parks with city park locations in the United States.

The National forest Service stated what took place to Piper was “extremely unusual” which the huge felines are merely “opportunistic hunters”.

They tend to victimize smaller sized mammals such as deer, sheep, bunnies and raccoons, so the threat to human beings is really low.

The company informed CNN: “There is no proof that taking advantage of family pets is associated with an increased possibility of an attack on an individual, either in mountain lions, or in other city predators such as coyotes.

” Mountain lion attacks on human beings are extremely unusual, although they do take place.”

The park service’s profile describes that P-22 has actually been well-known in the location because 2012 and is ending up being “a sort of ambassador for city wildlife.”

They keep in mind: “In 2015, his existence under a house in Los Feliz, a Los Angeles area surrounding to Griffith Park, ended up being a live news occasion as regional authorities attempted to get him to leave.

” When the turmoil waned, he left on his own in the early dark hours of the early morning.”

In spite of the attack on his dog, Mr Jimenez insisted he did not desire there to be repercussions for P-22.

He stated: “I do not desire anything bad t take place to P-22. I simply desire individuals to be safe out there so that absolutely nothing like this takes place once again.”

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