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Chain was embedded in neck of abused dog found in Naugatuck


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NAUGATUCK — Police say an animal cruelty investigation has been launched after a sick and injured dog was found roaming this month.

Three people brought the dog, a male Siberian husky, to police headquarters around 1 p.m. on May 13 after they were able to lure him into a car on Platts Mill Road with food, Naugatuck Police Sgt. Danielle Durette said Monday. She said the husky, later named Justice by animal control officers, was having trouble moving and had a length of chain embedded in his neck. He since underwent surgery to remove the chain, Durette said.

Police are now searching for the dog’s owners. Desmond’s Army, a volunteer advocacy group that aims to improve the lives of animals and fight against animal abuse, is offering a $1,500 bounty for information that leads to police identifying the owners.

Durette said the police department, Animal Control and Desmond’s Army are looking for “justice for Justice.”

Zilla Canamela, president of Desmond’s Army, said animal cruelty can be linked to domestic violence.

“Anyone that can do this to an animal is quite capable of doing that to a person,” Cannamela said.

Durette said police are asking those living near Platts Mill Road to check their security cameras for any footage of the dog.

Cannamela said her organization is interested in all animal abuse cases, but said she finds this one to be particularly egregious because of how long it would take for skin to grow over the chain around Justice’s neck.

Justice is estimated to be 1 to 2 years old, Animal Control Officer Steve Rupsis said, adding that the dog’s condition has improved.

Durette said Justice is a very pleasant dog, and is very happy.

She said he is not available for adoption because Animal Control is helping him recover.

Rupsis said when Justice is ready to move on, they will look to send him to a rescue or to people who have experience with huskies.

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