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Woman consumes one meal a week so her cats do not go starving


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Yasemn Kaptan, 46, Beverages Mint Tea For Breakfast, Lunch And Supper Most Days (Picture: Yasemn Kaptan/ Swns)

A lady says she is required to go starving due to the cost of keeping her 6 family pet cats.

Yasemn Kaptan, 46, said she just consumes one meal a week including barbecue veggies like peppers, onions and salad.

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The remainder of the time she said she consumes mint tea for breakfast, lunch and supper to fend off the appetite, and has actually lost 5 stone over the previous year.

Yasemn, from Tottenham in north London, said: ‘I don’t have any money to spare – however I can’t let the cats go.

‘They have grown up with us. I have had them since they were little babies.

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‘I paid a lot of money to have them, they are at the end of their life. it really isn’t reasonable to let them go.

‘If I eat it has to be something soft like yoghurt or vegetables. I cry every other day, I am trying to be happy with myself but I am down and tired.

Yasemn, Like Many People Across The Country, Is Struggling With The Cost Of Living Crisis (Picture: Yasemn Kaptan/Swns)
She Spends Most Of Her Stay-At-Home Carer Allowance On Her Six Pet Cats (Picture: Yasemn Kaptan/ Swns)
She Has No Plans To Give Up Her Cats Any Time Soon (Picture: Yasemn Kaptan/Swns)

‘Some weeks I am not eating properly at all and I just have fluids to keep me going.’

Yasemn got the cats when she worked as a personal consumer and might ‘comfortably’ manage it, however said she needed to leave her job in 2015 after being detected with osteoporosis.

She gets £400 month-to-month impairment advantage due to her osteoporosis, and this goes towards her lease and expenses.

Yasemn likewise gets a £69 stay-at-home carer allowance a week to care for her partner Erdinc Hassain, 46, who has several sclerosis. She said she invests £60 of this on the cats.

‘When I get my carer’s allowance it goes on cat litter, cat food, biscuits and unique milk, it uses up all my money. I can only simply about pay my phone costs,’ she said.

‘My partner is worried about me but I have got used to it by now. I will be okay, things will get better.

‘There is nothing I can do, I will not get rid of my cats. I have had them for 17 years, they are my little babies they keep me going.’

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