Managing the cat population –


Westman Animal Rescue (W.A.R.) is taking actions to attempt and manage the cat population in the Boissevain location.

The group has actually protected a grant of $4,200 from the Boissevain-Morton Structure to hold a spay and sterilize center.

Volunteer Heather Ayre hopes it assists to bring the cat population under control. “We’re going to run a spay and sterilize center simply for felines which will go through the months of December, January and February. Individuals will require to call us and inform us what animal they have, and we will schedule them into the center at the Boissevain Animal Center.”

There will be a small charge to individuals of most likely $10 and the rest will be covered by the grant cash.

” We’re discovering it’s something that is actually required. There are a great deal of feral felines and a great deal of kittycats and the only method to stop that is to have actually the animals purified and sterilized. Part of the grant will go to the feral felines that we will trap ourselves and get to the veterinarian’s workplace.”

” The only method to manage that pet population is to trap the roaming felines and spay and sterilize them,” stated Ayre.

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