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Is Serpens Catus, the ‘Amazon Snake Cat’ genuine?


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A viral image of a cat, which is obviously called Serpens Catus or the ‘Amazon Snake Cat’ has actually gone viral on both TIkTok and Twitter leading many individuals to question whether the animal is genuine.

The image in concern includes an image of what seems a routine household cat, total with a yellow and black pattern on its fur, not different to that which we would connect with a snake.

However, the pattern on its fur does look like the scales that we typically see on the snake, producing a genuinely striking image.

In the initial post about the cat, it is declared that it is the “rarest types of feline in the world” and can just be discovered in the most difficult-to-access locations of the Amazon jungle.

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It is likewise declared that the cat just initially appeared in 2020 and weighs approximately 4 stone.

Is the snake cat genuine?

As you might have already thought, Serpens catus is not genuine. There is no proof to support that the cat ever existed in spite of the previously mentioned picture, which has actually been skillfully modified.

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Although cats belonging to South America can be discovered in the Amazon jungle there has actually never ever been a reported sighting of Serpens catus.

Around social networks, individuals have actually been explaining that the feline isn’t genuine with TikTok users, in specific highlighting the outrageous nature of the claim.

One individual composed: “It is simple to discover this isn’t genuine if you have Internet. Google informs you if it holds true or lie.”

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Another included: “So much of [the] Amazon is still not checked out, however this stunning animal can’t be genuine.”

Over on YouTube a single person apparently said: “Too bad there is no fur texture in the yellow locations. Photoshop at it’s even worse.”

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