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Bill That Would Prohibit Declawing of Cats in Illinois Passes State House


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A costs that would make declawing cats prohibited beyond a recognized restorative function passed the Illinois House on Thursday, advancing the expense to the Illinois Senate for additional factor to consider.

The legislation modifies the “Humane Care for Animals Act”, with the change forbiding “surgical claw elimination, declawing, or a tendonectomy on any cat or otherwise change a cat’s toes, claws, or paws to avoid or hinder the typical function of the cat’s toes, claws, or paws.”

The change passed the Illinois House 67-38, with one legislator ballot present. Six members of the Illinois House did not vote on the procedure.

Proponents of the legislation compared the declawing procedure to amputation, calling the treatment inhumane and unneeded.

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According to NBC affiliate WAND, Rep. Charlie Meier, who opposed the legislation, said that elderly people who own cats might be susceptible to infections from a scratch.

“I really understand an individual who was scratched by their cat and for a month and a half needed to battle to keep their hand,” Meier said. “In some cases, this is really essential. And there are discomfort medications that these cats are provided if this needs to be done.”

State Rep. Kelly Cassidy balked at Meier’s idea, according to WAND.

“Imagine the concept that you want to eliminate body parts in order to have a cat in your life,” Cassidy said. “I’m shocked at the previous speaker’s assertions.”

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If the expense passes the Senate, the legislation will head to Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s desk where it might possibly be signed into law.

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