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In Georgia, there are different laws governing pet ownership, such as:

  • All pets and felines need to get a rabies vaccination from a certified veterinarian.
  • All pets categorized as harmful due to a vicious bite or attack need to have registration certificates.
  • All harmful pets need to likewise stay on the owner’s home unless limited by a leash 6 feet or less.
  • You need to acquire an animal dealership license if your animal has more than one litter within a year.

In addition to state laws, regional towns stated guidelines and policies concerning the care of your animal. Here are some examples of regional regulations.

Columbus animal laws

Family pet owners in Columbus, Georgia, with pets and felines age 4 months and older need to buy a license with the Unique Enforcement Division/Animal Control Area of the Columbus Consolidated Federal Government.

When checking out public parks in Columbus, you need to limit your animal by either a leash or preserve total control of the animal.

Female pets are not allowed public areas while in heat.

If you have more than 6 pets and/or 6 felines age 6 months or older, you need to get a personal or pastime kennel license if the sole function of ownership is to keep them as individual or household animals.

Augusta animal laws

Regional law in Augusta, Georgia, limits anybody from owning a dog or cat age 4 months or older that has actually not been immunized versus rabies. All pets that remain in public areas need to be limited by a leash or enclosure such as an automobile or cage.

Felines or pets discovered running around public areas might be seized in the Augusta-Richmond County animal control department shelter.

Savannah animal laws

A vaccination and license tag is needed for all pets and felines age 4 months or older in Savannah, Georgia. Any dog or cat that gets a tag needs to use it around its neck with a collar.

All dog owners need to tidy up excrement on public home and effectively get rid of it.

It is illegal for any animal owner to leave an ignored animal in an unventilated car in Savannah.

Savannah locals are forbidden from owning more than 8 felines unless all animals are constantly restricted to the home within the home.

Anybody taking care of a roaming animal is considered accountable for the animal unless the rightful owner lies. In addition, you can just supply care on your personal property and not the home of others or public areas.

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