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Worthing gymnastics coach implicated of abusing 4 minor kids in Lewes


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Norman Hogbin of Wordsworth Road, Worthing, is accused of buying another gymnast a hamster as a “silencing gift" to keep her quiet after she also was abused, jurors were told.
Norman Hogbin of Wordsworth Roadway, Worthing, is implicated of purchasing another gymnast a hamster as a “silencing present” to keep her peaceful after she likewise was mistreated, jurors were informed.

Norman Hogbin of Wordsworth Roadway, Worthing, is implicated of purchasing another gymnast a hamster as a “silencing present” to keep her peaceful after she likewise was mistreated, jurors were informed.

Sarah Lindop, prosecuting, stated: “They all make claims of the offender acting in a sexually unsuitable way towards them.

” All were understood to the offender through his work as a gymnastics coach.

” The prosecution state, members of the jury, he controlled them, he betrayed the trust that was put in him both by the women and by their households.”

Hogbin had actually been training at a health club and a trampolining club in Lewes, when the offenses supposedly occurred, the jury of 5 males and 7 females at Checking out Crown Court were informed.

The very first plaintiff was abused quickly prior to her 8th birthday by Hogbin, who was implicated of continuing the abuse up until she was 14, when she required support from psychological health specialists, the prosecution stated.

Hogbin supposedly abused the lady “when a month”, consisting of at her house and in his vehicle, such that it “ended up being rather a regular thing”, the jury heard on Wednesday.

Explaining one circumstances of the supposed abuse, Ms Lindop stated: “He understood that she did not like it and quickly after he purchased her a hamster. You might believe that was a silencing present.

” He was plainly relied on by her moms and dads to take her to numerous locations to select her up and drop her off and he benefited from that trust members of the jury to touch her in an intimate and sexual method.

” He was a really generous coach and he was somebody she admired. In addition, she was doing training of more youthful kids with him. When these things occurred, she did not state no.”

Hogbin took this lady and another lady to Brighton for a shopping journey and brought all 4 presents consisting of clothing, which the prosecution stated was “grooming” behaviour.

A 3rd gymnast aged in between 11 and 13 at the time of the supposed abuse, stated she thought she had a “close relationship” and Ms Lindop stated the lady declared: “It was nearly as if the offender believed they remained in a relationship.”

Explaining one event of abuse, Ms Lindop stated: “They were at a summertime reasonable, she thought they were at some sort of gymnastics show.

” She was using a leotard, he was offering her a piggy back. She did not comprehend what he was doing and she did not attempt to stop him.”

All of the supposed events occurred in between 1998 and 2004 however the plaintiffs initially stepped forward in 2019.

In an authorities interview that year, Hogbin had actually rejected any of the offenses had actually occurred and stated he had actually not purchased the women presents or provided unique treatment, though he did recall offering among the women a hamster, the court heard.

Ms Lindop, opening the case, informed the jury: “It might be recommended that these 4 girls have all conspired in these grievances which will be a matter for you to choose, if they have all got their heads together and made all this horrible things up about the offender.

” The method which he abused them and the status he had in their lives would discuss, you might believe, why they felt not able to make a grievance at the time.”

Hogbin rejects 13 counts of indecent attack, 2 counts of indecency with a kid, and one count of sexual attack.

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