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The Grant-Gomez Household Heads to Las Vegas in “Hamster & Gretel”


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An unique two-part episode takes the Grant-Gomez household to Las Vegas, where they may simply have a close encounter with the aliens who offered Hamster & & Gretel their powers in the very first location.

U.F. Uh-Oh

The Grant-Gomez household is on a journey to The Vegas, (as Las indicates “the”), and the household is staying with their typical procedure where Mother and father pretend they do not have kids for a couple of hours and Kevin and Gretel go discover some safe and completely legal problem somewhere else for under $40.00. Thankfully for the kids, Las Vegas has actually understood onto the Hamster & & Gretel bandwagon with brand-new figures in the Wax Museum and a musical program, “Champster and Greta.”

It’s at this musical that Kevin is advised, when again, that he lacks powers as the phase program entirely neglects him and his contributions to the group, with Greta singing a musical number about how she is a just kid. It does not assist that as they leave, Gretel herself is singing the tune some more. On their method to the Wax Museum, they come across Wacko Walley (who sounds a dreadful lot like Weird Al Yankovic) who provides to take them on a trip of Location 51 where aliens can bestow powers inconceivable. You understand, like what occurred to Gretel and Hamster prior to.

Kevin benefits from the chance and hands over 20.00 for the set to go out into the desert in the hopes of getting powers himself. I’m simply puzzled regarding how they still have half of their spending plan after getting excellent seats to a theatrical program in Las Vegas. I can just suspend my shock a lot, Povenmire! Hamster isn’t around for this part of the experience as he is off doing his own thing– partaking in a charity Go Fish competition.

While on Wacky Walley’s bus they go by Location 51 however do not stop, and rather head to Location 50-1, Wacko’s specialized memento store. While they do not see them themselves, the aliens are in fact easily close by, and follow the bus back into The Vegas. The kids head into the wax museum (they still have cash?!?) and discover the Hamster & & Gretel wax figures. Simply outside nevertheless, the alien ship has actually switched on the city and began intimidating individuals on the streets listed below. Kevin and Gretel run outside when they hear the racket and find the aliens. Kevin attempts to indicate them and advise them to offer him powers also. Gretel gets captured in the ship’s beam and is being pulled to the ship.

Kevin offers chase after attempting to conserve Gretel, however winds up simply missing her as the ship burns a puzzling message into the field as it escapes. Lastly, Hamster appears questioning what he has actually missed out on and it’s time for a business break.

An unusual two-part episode!

We return to discover Hamster and Kevin attempting to decipher the message, “J3hound+ Sit.” Presuming the J3 belongs to a map, with the aid of Fred they are resulted in a dog obedience school. Regrettable that’s completion of the path till Kevin is revealing the photo (upside down) to a worker of the place who asks “Who is Fistpuncher?” The message upside down exposes the real perpetrator!

On the ship, sure enough its Fistpuncher and the Destructress who have actually pirated the ship from Location 51 and intend on smashing it into the neighboring Las Vegas Dam. They have actually Gretel caught in a box with a stone that eliminates her unique powers so she can’t stop them. Kevin and Hamster get to the dam and recognize Fred was right, and much to Kevin’s enjoyment, Hamster offers him the thumbs-up to dress. Armored Match Person returns!

Gretel shows up her little-sisterness on the ship to 11 and frustrates Fistpuncher and the Destructress in this half of the episode’s musical number. Kevin is totally worn and Hamster rockets him into the bottom of the ship breaking through the flooring and into the chamber where the bad guys are keeping Gretel. Kevin candidly asks why the 2 would utilize the powers the aliens provided for evil, considering that not everyone even gets those powers. Now they understand why, due to the fact that the aliens informed them to. Hamster has the ability to secure the bad guys, blasting them through the windows of the ship, while likewise knocking the spacecraft uneven, causing a tilt that sends out Kevin in his heavy match and Gretal in her power-draining tube out through the hole in the flooring.

The fight in between Hamster and the brother or sister bad guys takes place and particles is introduced into the sky, more knocking the ship off course and back to Gretel and Kevin. Fortunately, Kevin has the ability to discover his method into the control location and finds that the ship is piloted much like the minivan! He gains back control of the ship and guides it along the ground slowing it down however they are quick approaching the dam and hardly make an effect. Regrettable the dam begins breaking anyhow, and Gretel (who now has her powers back) takes the hotel’s slide-zilla water function (that their moms and dads have actually been attempting to enjoy this whole episode) and reroutes all the water back to where it originated from.

At the buffet, the brother or sisters recall and question why the aliens informed the others to be wicked when we see the ship exterior once again explaining the power draining pipes rock was a good touch and after that flying away. Roll credits.

This episode of Hamster & & Gretel is now offered on Disney Channel and the DisneyNOW app. You can likewise overtake some earlier episodes streaming now on Disney+

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