5 K-pop idols who have the most unique/unusual pets

While most people would guess K-pop idols to have typical pets associated with celebrities, like cats and dogs, some idols break the stereotype with their very unique and unusual pets that you’d least expect them to have.

Though many K-pop idols’ choice in pet stands due to their busy and hectic schedules that gives them less time to take care of them, they also majorly come from the unique and outstanding personalities the idols have.

From small and cute creatures to possibly venomous animals, these idols own some of the most rare and intriguing collections of pets. If one didn’t have enough evidence to prove that these idols have such pets, many would find the fact quite hard to believe.

Here are five K-pop idols who’ve shocked the fandom with their unique/unusual pets.

From Snakes to Hedgehog: Here are 5 K-pop idols who own the most unique pets

1) BTS Jin – Sugar Gliders

Between the years 2017 to 2019 BTS Jin had not one but two sugar gliders, both gifted to him by his parents. They were named Odeng and Eomuk, and were gray and white in color, respectively.

The idol first revealed these unique pets of his during BTS Comeback Show – DNA and both of them used to live in the BTS dorm. However, with their schedules growing busier, Jin had to give them back to his parents to take care of them.

Naturally, due to their short life span, Eomuk passed away in 2018 and around 2019, Odeng also unfortunately passed away due to a height accident. There have been many livestreams and videos where Jin has showcased his sweet relationship with his pets.

Fans used to love the videos he used to post the two sugar gliders playing and his selcas with them.

2) GOT7 BamBam – Sphynx Cat

While cats usually don’t belong in the category of unusual pets, GOT7 BamBam’s cat easily makes him one of the K-pop idols with unique pets.

A cat breed that’s raised much of the controversial debate on the internet is the Hairless Cat, otherwise called the Sphynx cat. BamBam is known to be a cat lover, owning a total of four cats and the one that catches fans’ attention the most is Latte.

BamBam has revealed that Sphynx cats, much like the stereotype, are of high-maintenance. However, Latte and BamBam seemed to share a very sweet relationship with one another.

The idol posts many cute videos and pictures of the two spending time with one another, which is easily a favorite content for the fans.

3) TXT Soobin – Hedgehog

Another of the K-pop idols with small unique pets is TXT Soobin and his beloved Hedgehog, Odi. Any MOA or even people who are remotely active with TXT will know that he loves to boast and talk about his pet.

Soobin adopted Odi back in June 2021 and is now growing it in the TXT dorm where all the members live.

Odi has become particularly special for Soobin on understanding why the K-pop idol adopted him. In a live stream, he shared that his routine of being an idol, rotating from practice rooms, shoots, interviews, etc, became quite monotonous for him.

Upon adopting Odi, Soobin felt much happier to return home to a pet that’s waiting for him, giving him more time to relax and rejuvenate.

4) VERIVERY Yongseung – Lobster

VERIVERY Yongseung’s history of pets easily beats all K-pop idols and their unique pets. The idol has several unusual pets in amounts that add to the strangeness.

In total, Yongseung has owned fourteen rabbits, multiple rockfishes, snails, hedgehogs, and hermit crabs.

While most of his pets have a small edge of ‘normal’ to it, his pet Lobster wins the throne on this list of unusual pets. Though the idol hasn’t provided much insight about his pet and the relationship they share, he has mentioned once that lobsters are quite intelligent creatures.

5) MBLAQ Mir – Snake

One can’t talk about K-pop idols and their unusual pets without bringing up MBLAQ Mir’s unique collection of pets. Mir is known for his love of reptiles and has owned both a snake and a crocodile.

He first shared his reptile pets on the TV show, Laws of the Jungle, in 2012 and stated that his entire house was once a jungle. His pet snake, Kodong, has also made several cameos in the photoshoots he did for his boy band, MBLAQ.

While most of these unique and unconventional pets owned by K-pop idols confuse and scare fans, they can’t disagree or neglect the fact that the relationship that the members share with them is quite adorable.

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