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Sea snakes sightings along Chennai coast record a spike | Chennai News


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CHENNAI: The variety of sea snakes spotting at the coast along the Chennai coast are increasing claim conservationists who opt for sea turtle walk along the coast.
Speaking to TOI, the sea snake scientist, P Padmanabhan of Marine Reptiles Division in Zoological Survey of India, Chennai, said the variety of sea snakes stuck in the web as by catch is increasing.
During his research study on the coast in between Pulicate and Cuddalore district, he tape-recorded 13 types of sea snakes and the most frequently captured sea snakes are of 3 types – Hook-nosed sea snake (Enhydrina schistosa), Annulated sea snake (Hydrophis cyanocinctus) and yellow sea snake (Hydrophis spiralis).
Though these snakes are 10 times more poisonous than their cousins on the land, they are frequently docile in nature therefore far have no record of damaging or triggering death to the anglers.
P Padmanabhan included that there is no anti-venom serum available for the sea snake bites in India, however the Reef Research Centre in Australia has actually established anti-venom serum to treat the sea snake bite victims.
“The research study group goes on little explorations on the marine waters to gather specimens of sea snakes and 2 out of the 3 webs cast will get sea snakes for sure. Based on our experience, the anglers will get at least a couple of in each of their webs throughout fishing. They are discovered in shallow waters in the tropical and sub-tropical oceans and are discovered within 3 to 5 nautical miles from the coastline,” he said.
Deep sea fishing boat owner B Mutukumaran said whenever the sea snakes are captured, anglers toss them back into the sea as they are poisonous. However, when the webs are cleared on the coast, they in some cases discover sea snakes stuck in them, which they leave on the coast itself.
Another boat owner said eel fish, captured throughout fishing, is thought about a special in numerous nations. Its spinal column remains in need with conventional medication makers. Whenever eel fish are captured, their spinal columns are eliminated and cost 200 per kg, he included.

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