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Rare Barkudia Limbless Skink snake species sighted in Kambalakonda


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In a significant discovery, a Barkudia Limbless Skink, an endemic snake species in the region, was sighted for the first time in the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary in Visakhapatnam. The forest department has initiated immediate measures such as intensified monitoring and habitat preservation to conserve the newly-discovered species.

Known by the scientific name Barkudiamelanosticta, this snake is characterised by its elongated body, muddy brown colour, and absence of limbs. The sanctuary’s project scientist, Yagnapathy Adari, undertook the discovery of the snake’s existence on Monday.

Spanning over 71 sq km, the sanctuary is renowned for its extensive range of flora and fauna and has, time and again, offered researchers a ground for discoveries. The recent discovery of the Barkudia Limbless Skink snake species in the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary in Visakhapatnam bolsters its claim as a critical conservation site. This snake sighting is also a milestone in herpetology, say the forest department authorities.

“The forest department is developing the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary as an eco-tourism and nature sensitisation centre and will become a major tourist attraction,” expressed District Forest Officer (DFO) Anant Shankar IFS. He added the Visakhapatnam division of the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department is taking several measures to raise awareness among the locals regarding rare species of flora and wildlife.

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