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I was a lingerie mannequin however now wrangle snakes after I made a decision to alter profession once I almost ran one over


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DARING wrangler Danielle Wall has given up the town rat race for a desert snake chase.

The heavily-tattooed magnificence, 29, swapped the Bay Area and life as a lingerie mannequin to change into often known as the Snake Lady of Joshua Tree.

Danielle Wall swapped a career as a lingerie model for wrangling snakes in the desert


Danielle Wall swapped a profession as a lingerie mannequin for wrangling snakes within the desertCredit: Toby Canham for The U.S. Sun
Danielle specialized in modeling lingerie, bikinis and corsets in her former life


Danielle specialised in modeling lingerie, bikinis and corsets in her former lifeCredit: high_desert_dani
These days the heavily-tattooed beauty is known as the Snake Lady of Joshua Tree


These days the heavily-tattooed magnificence is named the Snake Lady of Joshua TreeCredit: Toby Canham for The U.S. Sun

She volunteers rescuing lethal rattlesnakes from folks’s properties and releasing them again into the wild within the California desert.

Last yr Danielle efficiently moved 257 of the critters by herself – and he or she’s proud she’s by no means been bitten as soon as since beginning 5 years in the past regardless of being self-taught.

Danielle stands out for the horny outfits she wears whereas doing her harmful work, describing herself as a “cowboy boots, booty shorts, crop top kinda gal”.

She says that if she had a greenback for each lewd joke males inform her whereas she’s saving snakes she’d have greater than sufficient money to retire.

And she is continually requested to start out an OnlyFans web page by randy followers.

Danielle grew up simply north of San Francisco in Rohnert Park, and mixed modelling with tutoring college children and different jobs in her late teenagers and early twenties. 

But she had household roots within the Joshua Tree space and after deciding metropolis life wasn’t for her, she relocated to dwell within the small city of Landers within the Mojave Desert. 

She informed The U.S. Sun that she received into wrangling randomly after she almost ran a rattlesnake over in 2018.

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Danielle mentioned, “I didn’t want it to die in the road so I pulled over.

“It went between the tires and it didn’t move because that’s what they do.

“I got out, grabbed a stick, poked it and it took off and I thought ‘Well, that was f***ing easy. What’s the big deal?’

“So I looked up the rattlesnake protocol in the community and I found out that animal control just goes down and chops their heads off.

“It’s the most inhumane way to put down a rattlesnake because they can feel pain for hours after being decapitated.

“I think snakes are nice and just misunderstood, and it sucks to be misunderstood.”

Danielle says she was just one inch off the world record for the smallest cinched waist


Danielle says she was only one inch off the world report for the smallest cinched waistCredit: high_desert_dani
Danielle's many tattoos include a rattlesnake design on her neck


Danielle’s many tattoos embody a rattlesnake design on her neckCredit: Toby Canham for The U.S. Sun

After discovering out that there have been no wranglers, paid or in any other case, within the space Danielle determined to present it a strive.

“I figured no one is going to pay anyone to move a snake but I thought ‘F**k it, I’m bored’,” she mentioned.

“When I was modelling it was mainly lingerie, bikinis and corsets.

“I was one inch away from the world record for a cinched waist without removing a rib.

“But it was never really my passion and after I got into this, the modeling dwindled because everything became about snakes.”

Looking for her alternative to start out wrangling, Danielle’s first job got here after she noticed somebody publish on Facebook a few rattlesnake at their property.

She wrote again: “Hey, I’ve got a stick and a bucket, give me a chance.”

After that, she purchased correct instruments for the job and began instructing herself how you can keep protected whereas coping with venomous snakes.

She says that regardless of having no assist or steering and regardless of the dangers she discovered by “trial and error” utilizing a 4ft pole.

Danielle made folks conscious of her companies by posting about her adventures on-line and within the first yr obtained about 50 calls.

The following yr it went as much as 180 after which skyrocketed to round 400 in 2020 when folks have been caught at home throughout Covid and encountering extra snakes. 

Since she doesn’t cost and solely receives suggestions for the snake work, Danielle holds fundraisers, works on movie units as a snake skilled and likewise does cleansing jobs to get by.

If I had a greenback for each penis joke I hear as a feminine snake wrangler I’d be a millionaire by now.

Danielle Wall

She places her wrangling success right down to folks seeing that she was “moving them right, catching them right and following the laws”.

“I had to prove myself and the fact that I lose thousands of dollars a year shows I’m not in it for the money,” Danielle mentioned.

“Half the people don’t even throw me $5 for gas for helping them.

“When you deal with an animal people don’t like, most people aren’t going to put any effort into saving it.

“It’s the rich assholes who don’t tip me and the people in trailers try to give me a 50.”

Breaking into the male-dominated world of snakes as a petite young lady wasn’t simple both.

Danielle says that if she had a dollar for every lewd joke she hears as a female wrangler she would be rich by now


Danielle says that if she had a greenback for each lewd joke she hears as a feminine wrangler she can be wealthy by nowCredit: high_desert_dani
Danielle moved from the Bay Area to the California desert to escape the rat  race


Danielle moved from the Bay Area to the California desert to flee the rat raceCredit: Toby Canham for The U.S. Sun

Danielle mentioned that the toughest a part of the job is the shortage of routine as she will get calls always of the day and night time. 

“I’ll get calls from people doing mushrooms at midnight, partying, and then… I get the 3.30am Olympic runner who got up really early and found one,” she defined.

“I’ve left my birthday party five years in a row.”

She additionally struggles on the courting scene due to her chosen career, saying: “A lot of people don’t like snakes and a lot of men are intimidated by me.”

Despite exhibiting no concern doing the job, Danielle admits she’ll have to get to the hospital fast if she’s ever bitten. 

Carrying antidote isn’t medically potential as its IV-administered following a blood panel and prices $5,000 a vial.

But Danielle insists that the one protecting gear she wants for wrangling are her boots.

She joked, “I’m a cowboy boots, booty shorts, top crop kinda gal. 

“The snakes don’t mind it and I’ve even done it naked. 

“People ask me why I don’t wear more protective gear but if you know what you’re doing and you have the right tools it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing.”

Danielle describes herself as a 'cowboy boots, booty pants, crop top kinda gal'


Danielle describes herself as a ‘cowboy boots, booty pants, crop prime kinda gal’Credit: Toby Canham for The U.S. Sun
Danielle says it's not medically possible to carry antidote for rattlesnake bites while doing her dangerous work


Danielle says it is not medically potential to hold antidote for rattlesnake bites whereas doing her harmful workCredit: Toby Canham for The U.S. Sun
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