Why raw food is perfect for keeping Gloucestershire’s active and working pet dogs healthy


Understood for its rolling countryside and strong farming sector, Gloucestershire is house to lots of active pet dogs and working types that are fit to nation living and farm work.

Being continuously on the go, it is essential to keep the county’s active and working pet dogs healthy with a great diet plan– as SoGlos discovers from Cotswold RAW, which caters particularly for these types with its nutritionally-complete raw food dishes.

About the professional Cotswold RAW

Cotswold RAW is an independent, family-run service that produces raw food for pet dogs, provided directly to your door as part of its fuss-free membership service. Its BARF-approved formula functions raw meat, bones, herbs and seasonal veggies to reproduce a dog’s natural diet plan, without any nasty ingredients.

Along with catering for young puppies and senior pet dogs, Cotswold RAW’s 80/20 active variety has actually been produced specifically for active and working pet dogs and consists of all the nutrients they require to keep them delighted and healthy.

Do active pet dogs and working types require a various diet plan to older or more inactive pet dogs?

The quantity of food a dog requirements will depend upon just how much energy they require to operate in a day, which can differ depending upon their type, age and, naturally, activity levels.

Raw feeding standards suggest feeding your dog around two-to-three percent of their perfect body weight each day. Owners might then require to change the quantity they feed based upon their dog’s way of life.

We suggest beginning on the lower end of the spectrum, feeding around 2 percent of their perfect body weight a day, and increasing the quantity as required. The objective is to attain a perfect body condition– so you must have the ability to see the dog’s natural waist when taking a look at them from above, and have the ability to feel the shape of their specific ribs with simply a bit of pressure when running your turn over their chest.

How does Cotswold RAW cater for active or working pet dogs?

Our 80/20 active variety is clinically developed to fulfill the dietary requirements of active, working pet dogs– it’s comprised of 80 percent raw meat and bone and 20 percent fresh veggies and natural, natural supplements.

We follow FEDIAF standards to guarantee all of our dishes include the best levels of nutrients for active pet dogs and we check our batches in labs to keep our dishes total and constant.

We have a range of flavours and active and working types might take advantage of the greater calorie flavours in our 80/20 active variety, like lamb and turkey, which are greater in kilocalories than our beef and tripe flavour.

Do you have any leading feeding ideas for active pet dogs?

Complete stomaches aren’t perfect prior to workout. You may wish to attempt feeding our beef and tripe dish prior to going out, however, as it’s really lean and a great alternative for a total meal prior to workout.

We likewise suggest supplements for active pet dogs and working types. Herbs and plants have actually been utilized to support biological functions given that the start of time and our Butcher’s Blend is a natural, natural mix loaded with vitamins, minerals and micronutrient– which will all assist preserve balance in the body for a healthy dog.

What’s the very best method to present an active or working dog to raw food, with very little threat of disturbing their stomach?

Transitioning is typically uncomplicated– you can alternate meals for a duration, however many pet dogs will shift to raw with relative ease.

What are the primary health and behavioural advantages of feeding your active dog a raw food diet plan?

There are great deals of health advantages to raw feeding. We get numerous evaluations on trustpilot.com/cotswoldraw from consumers who have actually changed to a raw diet plan and have actually observed an enhancement in their dog’s general health.

For the a lot of part, this is just an enhancement in the condition of their coat, increased energy levels or a higher gratitude of their food– however we have had some more severe cases where owners have actually discovered that their dog’s life is significantly changed by a modification of diet plan from a business processed food to a natural raw diet plan without any ingredients, fillers like grain, or preservatives.

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