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Kansas family squashed after attack at boarding center eliminates one dog, hurts another


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By Cyndi Fahrlander and Angie Ricono

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    OLATHE, Kansas (KCTV) — The Crowells are sad at the loss of Bauer.

He was a 15-year-old Pomeranian-Shih-Tzu mix that weighed 10 pounds. He was assaulted by another dog at a boarding center in Olathe.

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One bite killed him.

Their other dog, Henry — a small labradoodle mix — was at the very same center. He had various bites needing emergency situation surgical treatment. He’s now on a mixed drink of medications. Henry uses a cone around his head to keep him from tinkering drains pipes.

“I just — I don’t understand how it could have happened,” said owner Briana Crowell.

An examination is now in progress by Olathe Animal Control.

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KCTV5 connected to the owner of Lucky Paws KC who says he’s providing to pay veterinarian costs for the dog that made it through the attack.

“I appreciate them reaching out and their kind words but at the end of the day, I mean this is inexcusable,” said Jordan Crowell.

The owner of the center informed KCTV5 that he’s sorry for the family, however that the center not did anything incorrect.

“It’s dogs. They have teeth and behaviors. And all waivers were signed by the owners,” said Harwin Sandhu, owner of Lucky Paws KC.

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The Crowells said they ran out town and relied on Lucky Paws to look after their precious family pets.

“I mean you entrust someone to look after your dog and you saw the last thing you would ever imagine that you would get a phone call to find out that your dog had passed in less than 24 hours after dropping them off,” said Briana Crowell.

A department of the Kansas Department of Agriculture supervises shelters and boarding centers in Kansas. KCTV5 called the Animal Facilities Program, and they verified they have an assessment at Lucky Paws KC, “which will take place soon.”

The Crowells questioned if Lucky Paws followed their own policies noted on their website that claim totally monitored enrichment and separating big and little dogs.

As of Thursday afternoon, it’s uncertain which dog assaulted Bauer, however the family is more upset with Lucky Paws than with the dog.

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