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Grimsby mum pressing child in pram left frightened as her Whippet is assaulted by dog that ‘roared towards them’


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A mum walking with her child child in a pram and her 2 dogs on a Grimsby street was left shocked and scared as a substantial dog came “roaring” towards them and assaulted her dog as its owner ‘searched and chuckled’.

The lady, who does not want to be called, was walking along Wellington Street on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 15 with her child in a pram and her 2 dogs, Whippet Phoebe, 3 and Lurcher Charlie, 10.

She said that right before the painful event, she discovered 2 ladies walking near the corner of Rutland Street with a big white and brown dog she thinks was a cross in between a Bulldog and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

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“It was white with brown spots, pure stocky muscle and an enormous jaw. It was larger than a regular Staffy.

“There was an older lady and a younger lady who had to do with 18. The older lady was walking the dog and I might see immediately that she was having problem with it on the lead.

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“She was smiling and chuckling as if to state, ‘It’s pulling me a bit’, and I simply continued walking, I didn’t smile due to the fact that I simply believed, ‘Oh my god, if that came up to me’, and after that I heard her shout. I looked round and the dog was roaring towards me, my child and 2 dogs, so immediately I yelled, ‘Get your dog, get your dog’.

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