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Dog signals owner to surrounding house fire | News, Sports, Jobs


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Dog Alerts Owner To Neighboring House Fire News Sports

The St. Clair Volunteer Fire Department reacted to a 4 a.m. house fire at 50753 Carroll Road in St. Clair Township Wednesday. Glenmoor and Liverpool Township fire departments offered shared help. (Submitted picture)

ST. CLAIR AREA — A dog informed its owner to a morning house fire at a surrounding property Wednesday.

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The next-door neighbor whose name was not provided informed St. Clair Fire Chief Dave McCoy that her dog woke her a 4 a.m., barking while running backward and forward in between the window and her. When she kept an eye out the window to see what was making her dog go bananas, she saw the fire and telephoned it in.

The St. Clair Volunteer Fire Department was toned out at 4:06 a.m. to your house fire at 50753 Carroll Road.

The reason for the fire was undetermined. McCoy said there was excessive damage to enter it and discover a reason for origin. The firemens were unable to identify if there was anything suspicious about the fire due to the quantity of damage included.

The cause will stay undetermined considering that the fire department doesn’t prepare to return and do an examination.

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The call can be found in as unidentified if any person was within.

McCoy said there was no one standing outdoors and there were no automobiles there, however next-door neighbors weren’t sure if any person remained in the residence or not.

“We really didn’t confirm that no one was there until after we got the fire under control and one of our entry crews was able to push the fire back into the burnt area and they were able to search the two back rooms which would have been the bedroom areas,” McCoy said. “They did not find anyone, which was good, and we were able to continue on and extinguish the fire.”

It was most likely a good 20 minutes to a half hour later on that they found out occupants had actually been loading and in the procedure of leaving, McCoy said. It was at that point they were almost sure that everyone had actually left considering that there were no automobiles; however that is never ever an offered, so they performed another search after the fire was under control and discovered nobody.

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The house, which McCoy referred to as a half house-half trailer due to additions or restorations made to the residence, is being thought about an overall loss. The residence was a trailer that had actually been closed in and had an addition with a basement contributed to it.

It took the firemens about half an hour to get the fire under control and snuffed out.

McCoy explained the residence, which was a trailer made to appear like a house, and fire as a firemen’s problem since of all the concealed building and construction and caught areas that ended up being locations.

“We can’t just go in and just put it out because the fire gets down between the trailer walls and the other structure walls they closed,” he said.

There was a roofing put over the top of the metal trailer roofing and after that included onto the brand-new part of the structure in the back, McCoy said. A part of the roofing still on fire boiled down onto the metal roofing for the trailer. Looking up from inside it was metal and there was no other way to spray the roofing on the top to put it out, he said. The stability of the structure would not have actually held somebody getting on leading to spray.

The department wound up being recalled out to scene later when the fire revived under a space they couldn’t discover due to the method the building and construction was done.

McCoy likewise said there were some freezing concerns with the hydrant and the roadway, which they closed, was extremely narrow and hard to get 2 trucks on.

Mutual help was offered by Glenmoor and Liverpool town fire departments. St. Clair Police Department was on scene and NorthStar ambulance was on standby.

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