Bombay Delight in Sholing to become dog grooming salon


An “eyesore” Indian takeaway will be transformed into a dog grooming salon after plans were approved.

Barks ‘N Bubbles will soon replace Bombay Delight in Alfriston Gardens, Southampton, welcoming more four-legged friends to the site.

Developers described the takeaway as “unkempt” and “an eyesore in the area”, with hopes the salon will “inject vitality”.

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They said: “By allowing the change of use and opening as a dog grooming salon and dog accessory shop, it will inject further vitality in the area, preserve the building, and prevent it from falling into further disrepair.

“The shop will stock dog accessories, treats and grooming products and is expected to attract the customers that bring in their dogs for a groom or passing foot traffic.”

The arrival of the dog salon, which will double up as an accessory shop, will create four new jobs in the area.

Planning was approved on January 19.

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