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Attorney General Bailey Obtains Consent Judgment in Dallas County Dog Breeder Case


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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In an effort to implement the laws as composed, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey revealed today that his workplace obtained an approval judgment in a case versus the business owner of Puppy Love Kennel, Corey Mincey, for breaching Missouri’s requirements for certified industrial dog breeders.

“As Attorney General, I will enforce the law as written, which includes holding accountable those who continue to violate state statute by putting Missouri animals in egregious situations,” said Attorney General Bailey. “I’m proud of this result, and my office will continue to use every tool at our disposal to uphold the standards for Missouri’s dog breeders as required by law.”
In the authorization judgement, the breeder confessed that she stopped working to:

  • use a certified vet to administer the necessary treatment
  • keep private health records on all covered animals
  • supply a composed program of sufficient veterinary care
  • supply constant access to drinkable drinking water devoid of impurities
  • sterilize all water receptacles
  • different puppies from adult dogs, which likely led to injuries to the puppies
  • keep tidy centers, which were discovered to have extreme build-up of feces, hair, food waster, cobwebs, and dead flies

Under the authorization judgment, Mincey cannot carry out any activity for which an animal care license is needed for a minimum duration of 8 years, at which point she should reapply; should avoid all business of purchasing dogs and cats; and undergoes an optimal $10,000 fine.  All staying dogs have actually been rehomed.
The Attorney General’s Office formerly obtained a judgment versus the exact same dog breeder in March 2020, discovering that Mincey broke the Animal Care Facilities Act and its policy, which led to the imposition of $5,500 in fines and requirements to pass examinations prior to continuing as a certified breeder.  In early 2022, the Attorney General’s Office moved for contempt based upon proof that she continued to breach the law and not make her center available for assessment, for which the court discovered Mincey in civil contempt and enforced extra fines.  
In December 2022, the case for this latest authorization judgment was submitted based upon proof that she continued to supply insufficient take care of her animals, based upon a break out of canine parovirus that led to the avoidable deaths of several dogs at her center, along with other recorded care issues.
Assistant Attorney General Ric Groeneman managed the case.
Read a copy of the authorization judgement here:


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