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Animal attack: Dog shot after assaulting female in Philadelphia’s Fern Rock area


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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — A lady was required to the healthcare facility after being assaulted by a dog on Thursday in the Fern Rock area of Philadelphia.

Police were contacted us to the 5700 block of North Park Avenue at 10:39 a.m.

That’s where a 61-year-old female was assaulted by a dog, explained by authorities as a pit bull. She was bitten a number of times throughout her body.

Her next-door neighbor, a 62-year-old man who authorities state is certified to bring, shot the dog as soon as.

The next-door neighbor, who did not wish to be recognized, explained what took place.

“I was asleep. My partner heard someone out back shrieking and dogs barking and things, she kept an eye out the back window and saw dogs assaulting somebody on the ground. I leapt up, removed my pajamas, put my clothing on, got my gun and began down.”

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The man said there were really 2 dogs included, however just one was assaulting the female.

“I fired one round at the dogs. Once I fired the weapon, both dogs distributed. I called 911 and began emergency treatment. She was bleeding a lot,” the next-door neighbor said.

Other next-door neighbors heard the single gunshot.

“I was tidying up, then I hear dog barking, then I hear shrieking and after that after that I hear the gunshot. One gunshot. I was outdoors. After the gunshot I hear no more barking,” said Valentine Archivald.

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Still shaken over what took place, the next-door neighbor with his lawfully owned weapon, says he was required to shoot.

“If I would not have actually stepped in, I think those dogs would have, it would have been mortal,” he said. “I hope the lady is ok. She was chewed up truly good.”

The female is being dealt with at Albert Einstein Medical Center.

The dog is being dealt with at an animal healthcare facility.

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No arrests have actually been made in connection to this attack.

Police state the examination is continuous.

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