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Tiger vs. Cheetah: Which Big Cat Would Win a Fight?


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Tigers are big, heavyweight wildcats. Cheetahs are slim and constructed for speed. When they’re playing the video game of life on their terms, these felines triumph almost whenever. But who rules supreme in a cat face-off? Will it be the world’s most significant cat types or the fastest? Follow this tiger vs. cheetah fight to discover which cat would win in a battle.

Comparing Both Wild Cat Competitors

Battle Factors Tiger Cheetah
Size 660 pounds
10 feet long
140 pounds
5 feet long
Speed 40 miles per hour 75 miles per hour
Characteristics Carnivore
Ambush hunter
Attacks victim from behind
Prefers hunting in the evening
Bites throat of victim
Ambush hunters
Stalks victim and attacks
Prefers hunting throughout day
Stranglehold suppresses victim
Top Advantages Ambush hunter
Large size
Excellent swimmer

Tiger: Top Fighting Advantages

Animals In Captivity, Big Island - Hawaii Islands, Fur, Hawaii Islands, Horizontal
Tigers have actually been around for almost 2 million years, and they’re professionals at wiping out risks and removing victim.


These striped assassins have more than 100 black stripes covering their orange-red body. These renowned stripes are as distinct as a human’s finger print; no 2 tigers have the specific very same striped pattern. This distinctive fur style assists them camouflage in the thick jungle bush.

Ambush Hunters

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Tigers have actually been around for almost 2 million years, and they’re professionals at wiping out risks and removing victim. They have specially structured eyes that can see in the dark, which help them hunt in the evening.

Tigers can jump 20 feet to catch their unwary meal. Powerful jaws squash the victim’s windpipe, and 3-inch-long dogs sever arteries. Then the rough papillae-covered tongue licks every bit of flesh off the fresh kill’s bones. These huge cats will consume over 60 pounds of meat in one sitting.

Biggest Cat Species

Tigers are the most significant cat types in the world. How big do these tigers get? On average, tigers weigh around 450 pounds, and the Siberian tiger subspecies can weigh a lot more! Some Siberian tigers determine 13 feet long and weigh over 600 pounds!

There were when 9 tiger subspecies worldwide. Today there are 6 types living throughout the world. The Bengal tiger counts for almost 50% of the tiger population.

Excellent Swimmers

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Other wild cats may prevent the water, however not tigers. These muscular cats utilize their strong bodies to move themselves through the water. They even have webbing in between their toes that help them press the water back with each stroke of their effective paws.

Highly Adaptable

Another benefit of the tiger is its capability to make it through in numerous environments. The tiger is all set for a battle in the water, meadows, desert, or snow.

Take, for example, the Siberian tiger. During the warm season, their big, extensively spaced stripes help them camouflage with the background. Eventually, pale orange colors end up being the ideal coat for their fall forest background. As the winter happens, the tiger’s white stomach and chest camouflage them versus the snow.

Cheetah: Top Fighting Advantages

The African cheetah is produced speed and dexterity.


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The cheetah will be an instantaneous winner if this animal fight boils down to speed. A cheetah can speed up from stalling to 68 miles per hour in 3 seconds! They can reach a leading speed of 70 miles per hour. To put it in point of view, the fastest human worldwide can’t even run 30 miles per hour.

Though a little subspecies called the Asiatic cheetah resides in main Iran, the cheetah in this fight is the more typical African cheetah. It’s produced speed and dexterity.

Fast Anatomy

Have you ever seen a cheetah performing at complete speed? Their feet just touch the ground two times throughout each stride. They’re so nimble that they can kip down mid-air while running! No other huge cat can do that. At complete speed, a cheetah’s stride can be 21 feet long. That’s the size of 2 compact automobiles.

Everything about the cheetah’s anatomy is constructed for speed. They have a strong muscular tail that works as a counterbalance and a rudder. Their tough paws help them stumble upon the surface without sustaining injury. And the cheetah’s claws are more comparable to those of a dog than those of a cat. The semi-retractable claws help them get speed and preserve traction.

Keen Eyesight

If this face-off occurs in the middle of the day, the cheetah acquires the edge. Cheetahs can find predators and victim away on the sunniest of days. When they’re on the offensive, these tricky cats choose to be a football field or less away prior to introducing an attack.

Natural Sunglasses

Cheetahs mostly hunt throughout daytime hours. They depend on their eager vision to mark their targets, and they have an unique technique for keeping the sun out of their eyes.

Look carefully at a cheetah’s face. You’ll discover they have black marks straight below their eyes. These tear masks help safeguard them from the sun’s glare. It’s essentially a natural, integrated form of professional athletes’ “eye black.”

Tiger vs. Cheetah: Who Will Win?

The tiger wins this animal fight! Tigers and cheetahs have various methods to survival. One of the cheetah’s leading benefits is its remarkable speed and dexterity. This assists the smaller sized wild cat avert risks and exhaust victim. However, the little anatomy of the cheetah rapidly ends up being a downside when fighting a tiger in person.

Tigers are larger, more powerful, and made to battle. Once these 2 huge cats began to brawl, the tiger would rapidly triumph. When it concerns the tiger vs. cheetah, group stripes take the win. Tigers are much better geared up for huge cat battles. They are, after all, the most significant cat types worldwide!

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