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Padgate star Kerry Katona says she has ‘no remorses’ in psychological interview

Padgate star Kerry Katona says she has ‘no remorses’ in psychological interview
Kerry Katona Speaks Of Her Past And Having 'No Regrets' In Recent Interview On Gb News ≪I≫(Image: Gb News)≪/I≫

Kerry Katona mentions her past and having ‘no remorses’ in current interview on GB News (Image: GB News)

Previous Atomic Kitten star, Kerry Katona says she has ‘no regrets’ in a current talk interview about her rocky past.

The Padgate-born vocalist opened about her drug-taking, fights with psychological health and her 3 marital relationships in an interview with GB News.

“People say do you have any regrets? I have no regrets,” Kerry revealed to job interviewer Nana Akua.

“I don’t regret the drugs, I don’t regret the bankruptcies, I don’t regret the husbands.

“I’ve not made any mistakes; they’ve all been lessons and we’re all human.”

Speaking on her rough youth and childhood, the mother-of-five comprehensive how she was a ‘product of an affair’.

She said: “I was in four sets of foster parents and refuges.

“The fact that I’ve achieved what I have achieved is pretty phenomenal… I’m really proud of myself.”

While revealing love for her mom, Kerry confessed ‘it wasn’t the best of youths’ and comprehensive how her mom fought with psychological health and drug concerns and experienced a violent relationship while she was maturing.

Kerry went on to state how in spite of filing personal bankruptcy two times in her adult years, she has actually gotten better to end up being a millionaire yet once again however has actually understood that money is not where joy lies.

“The money in your bank, the size of your house, the cars on your drive, the one thing I’ve realised is that your riches are in the memories you create with your family.

“That’s one thing I’ve learnt but I am driven by always making sure that my kids are provided for.”

The 42-year-old vocalist has actually just recently grown a substantial platform on adult material platform, OnlyFans which she signed up with back in Might 2020.

Opening about her ‘fairy tale’ marital relationship to Westlife vocalist Brian McFadden, she said:

“The best thing about that marriage was that I got Molly and Lily from it.

“The madness of mine and Brian’s marriage started more or less when we divorced, when we separated.

“I left Atomic Kitten to become a stay-at-home mum. I just wanted to be a mum and a wife, I didn’t want to be rich and famous. That was my dream, that was my goal and that’s what I became.

Kerry told GB News how when she initially met Brian he was her ‘knight in shining armour’ but after the pop star left her it all came ‘tumbling down’ and she experienced a breakdown.

“I was suicidal, and I turned to cocaine, which became my best friend at the time.

“It was the thing that was keeping me going. Brian had left me, he was in Australia. It was a crazy, crazy time and I can’t believe I got through it.”

Resolving her 2nd marital relationship to previous partner Mark Croft, she said how after the breakdown of her very first marital relationship, she worried and wished to ‘fix’ the ‘broken home’ her kids were then a part of.

“I was trying to fulfil my dream as a broken child, and not so much what they needed but not realising that I was enough for my kids, and I thought I need to get married and Mark [Croft] asked me to marry him and I said yes.

“I thought I’ll get married, I’ll have some more kids and I’ll try and fix what’s been broken, and that’s a pattern that I continued to do.”

However with her existing partner Ryan, Kerry said how she has actually broken the chain with ‘not a divorce paper or kid in sight’ after an up until now effective 5 years together.

“I think I’ve had to go through what I’ve been through to be with who I am with today and be who I am today.”

Speaking on the notorious Today interview back in 2008 which left much speculation regarding whether the vocalist was under the impact of drugs as she talked with speakers Holly and Phil on the popular day-time program, she discussed how she was on bipolar medication at the time.

“I’ll be honest with you, I’ve shoved enough cocaine up my nose, I’ve drunk until the cows come home and I’ve no reason to lie,” she said.

“I was on bipolar medication and at the time when I was at The Priory it was experimentation.

“There’s no medium with me, I’m all or absolutely nothing, so at the time it was searching for the best medication.

“The negative effects of the medication that I was taking were slurred speech. I took my medication so late in the evening that it still impacted my speech the next day which is all it was.



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