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How to Get the Huge Leprechaun Cat in Pet Simulator X


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One of the piece de resistances of the St. Patrick’s Event in Roblox Pet Simulator X is the Huge Leprechaun Cat, which is the renowned Huge Cat dressed up as a leprechaun. Like any event-exclusive Huge version of Pet in Pet Simulator X, this leprechaun-themed animal is complimentary and does not need Robux to acquire. However, beginners or Pet owners returning after a hiatus may be questioning where precisely they can get a Huge Leprechaun Cat. Fortunately, there are obvious spaces that you require to discover for this one.

Unlocking the Huge Leprechaun Cat in Pet Simulator X

Huge Leprechaun Cat Egg In Pet Simulator X

The most uncomplicated method to get a Huge Leprechaun Cat in Roblox Pet Simulator X is by heading to the Clover Fields of the St. Patrick’s Event World, available through the huge green cannon in Spawn World. After arrival, increase the neighboring sloping path to discover the Clover Egg and its Golden alternative, which can hatch Huge Leprechaun Cats with a small drop opportunity. 


How to Get the Comet Egg in Pet Simulator X

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To hatch one Clover Egg in Pet Simulator X, you will require 50,000 Clover Coins. This currency can be obtained from their coin-specific nodes or any random breakable things in the video game. Accordingly, you will have the ability to farm this currency just by playing the video game and utilizing your Pets to gather resources. According to the Pet Simulator! Wiki, other Eggs, consisting of the Leprechaun Egg, Horseshoe Egg, Lucky Kingdom Egg, and Pot of Gold Egg, likewise have the ability to drop the Huge Leprechaun Cat. However, your opportunities of hatching the Huge version are still really low. 

Nevertheless, luck may be in your corner while hatching occasion Eggs like the Clover Egg in Pet Simulator X. For circumstances, we bought the Auto Hatch gamepass to hatch the Egg over night however were still not able to get a Huge. On the other hand, there are neighborhood members that have actually had the ability to get the Huge Leprechaun Cat in Roblox with large luck or numerous accounts. If you do not want to go to such lengths to grind for this Pet, we suggest looking for an owner on your server who may trade you their Huge Leprechaun Cat for an appropriate exchange. 

Pet Simulator X is available for PC, iOS, Android, and Xbox One.

Source: Pet Simulator! Wiki

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