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Florida trainee sent image of a cat holding a weapon to kids. Cops state it was ‘threatening’


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A 16-year-old Broward trainee was put in cuffs after sending what he believed was an amusing text to other trainees. Police, nevertheless, analyzed it as a clear risk of a possible mass shooting.

On Thursday, Pembroke Pines authorities fielded several calls originating from a “threatening” text shared amongst trainees at Charles W. Flanagan High School, 12800 Taft St., authorities said.

“Flanagans gonna get shoot up by Magfag tomorrow” was among the messages together with a photo-shopped image of a cat holding a rifle.

An taking place examination revealed the 16-year-old accountable ran out state when the messages were reported. The teen informed officers “Magfag” was the name of his cat and the messages were a joke.

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While authorities identified there was no active risk at the high school, officers still detained the teenager when he went back to Pembroke Pines.

He is dealing with a charge of composed hazards to perform a mass shooting.

“Whether written as a joke or as a prank, all threats made against our schools are taken seriously and will be investigated by police officers,” authorities said. “Making threats of this nature is a serious offense and any individual who commits these acts will be arrested and charged accordingly.”

Police are prompting moms and dads to talk to their kids about the repercussions of making hazards towards a school, trainees or staff.

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“Our community is encouraged to report any suspicious statements or threatening messages to police,” authorities said.

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