Feline makes it through 45-ft drain drop, wins oddest family pet insurance coverage claim of the year

After braving a 45-foot drop down a water-filled drainpipe, a Siberian-mix cat has taken the top honor at this year’s Hambone Awards, presented by Nationwide. Photo courtesy Nationwide
Rafa, the winner of the 14 th yearly Hambone Award.
Picture courtesy Nationwide

After braving a 45-foot fall a water-filled drain, a Siberian-mix feline has actually taken the leading honor at this year’s Hambone Awards, provided by Nationwide.

When Seattle-native Rafa did not get back for supper one night, his owners understood something was incorrect. Following a search of the community, Rafa’s household heard meows originating from a sewage system grate and quickly recognized the feline was caught in a drain. With a storm approaching, they understood the circumstance was crucial and required back-up.

Quickly enough, with the aid of the fire department, animal rescue, Seattle Public Utilities, plumbing professionals, and a number of next-door neighbors, Rafa was drawn out from the pipeline, where he had actually been stuck being in neck-high icy water. The feline was analyzed by a vet and dealt with for serious hypothermia and other problems prior to investing a week in the ICU.

Luckily, Rafa made a complete healing.

” The love of animals is something that appears to join us, which worked to Rafa’s advantage,” states Nationwide’s primary veterinary officer, Jules Benson, BVSc, MRCVS. “Next-door neighbors, city companies, personal business– they all came together to get Rafa out of a hazardous circumstance, and after that his veterinary group got him back to health. What an excellent synergy for a cherished family pet!”

Rafa and his household have actually gotten a Hambone prize, a $1,000 present card, and a $1,000 contribution in their name to an animal charity of their option.

2 other finalists have actually likewise gotten $500 present cards a $500 contribution in their names. They are:

  • Russell, a mixed-breed pet dog from Granada Hills, Calif., who split a number of front teeth after encountering a concrete outdoor patio action while enroute to welcome his human sis; and
  • Rex, a Shih Tzu from Livonia, Mich., who swallowed a wishbone.

All chosen animals made complete healings.

Developed in 2009, the Hambone Awards were called in honor of a canine that when consumed a whole Thanksgiving ham. Previous winners consist of Ellie, a Labrador retriever who demolished a beehive and its countless occupants; Lulu, a starving bulldog who swallowed 15 child pacifiers, a bottle cap, and a piece of a basketball; and Ziva and Zeus, 2 German shepherds who went missing out on for 22 days in a deserted rocket silo.

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