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Dear Annie: Considering dropping off your cat out in the nation? Farmer says please don’t


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Dear Annie: I am composing to you so you can inform individuals on what occurs to cats when they are dropped off at a farm. I reside on one, so I see firsthand what goes on.

  • Your cats are terrified out of their minds. So, they conceal or get run over by a car due to the fact that they don’t understand topography.
  • Other cats, who are feral (in some cases), are territorial about their space and food. So the sweet cat that you dropped there will not consume.
  • Your cat will get battered by these cats (or by dogs or will be consumed by a coyote).

Do your family pet a favor and take it to a shelter, so a minimum of it has half an opportunity to live and have a good home. You need to never ever drop it off at “the farm.” It won’t make it! — Sad Farmer

Dear Sad Farmer: I’m printing your letter to make individuals knowledgeable about what actually occurs when you dispose cats. The finest service is to call a regional rescue group or take your cat to the animal shelter. Thank you for sharing.

Dear Annie: I was struck by the letter from “Too Old to be Abandoned,” who still harbors hurt sensations towards his ailing daddy. I wish to recommend that he look for the relationship he yearns for by signing up with a church or synagogue or an organization to do volunteer work that attract him.

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I have actually discovered terrific coaches and relationships through these kinds of scenarios. Noting his age, I likewise recommend connecting to an older individual who may delight in the business of a younger one. For the majority of my life, I was the “younger” one, and now I’ve connected to a young friend to ask her to be the “young person” in my life.

Look for individuals who will value you, provide an assisting hand when you can, and take a seat for coffee or a beverage after your tasks together are done. Please let him understand he has a friend in me despite the fact that he does not understand me. — Friend

Dear Friend: Those are some terrific recommendations. And I’m printing your letter so that he understands he is not alone. People do care.

Dear Annie: I simply wished to let you understand that I read your column for the very first time today and believe you offered outstanding recommendations. You are far better than a few of the other recommendations columns that do not have compassion or understanding. Good job, and keep it up. People require to get recommendations from those who help them be much better individuals and not confirm their worst impulses. — A New Fan

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Dear Fan: Thank you a lot. You have actually made my day!

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