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After more than a year, an Anchorage female is lastly getting justice for her cat


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) – When Kelly Brown returned from a journey to Kenai in July of 2021, she was welcomed with a stunning sight: her cat Tazzy had burns from head to toe.

Material Caution: This post includes details that some readers may discover troubling.

” It began with her face and went all the method back to the idea of her tail,” stated Brown, who hurried Tazzy to the veterinarian.

” After they shaved her and saw the degree of her injuries (they) believed it was caused by a human,” she stated.

Brown was at a loss. She had actually left the cat and her dog in the care of a home caretaker, who was a buddy. She presumed Tazzy’s injuries happened when the cat went outside, caused by somebody unknown. Then Brown kept in mind a camera she had actually established months prior to for another function. What she discovered on the tape was troubling.

The video revealed Michael Rowe– her home caretaker’s partner chasing Tazzy– chewing out the cat and acting strongly. Brown stated the hours-long tape made her ill, and she understood right away that Rowe was accountable.

Tazzy was severely burned, the vet said her injuries were suspicious
Tazzy was seriously burned, the veterinarian stated her injuries were suspicious( Courtesy: Kelly Brown)

Rowe was charged with one count of ruthlessness to animals, a misdemeanor. City District attorney Monica Elkinton informed Judge Jo-Ann Chung the city chose to prosecute the case, in part, since of severe issues related to animal ruthlessness.

” The research studies reveal that individuals who injure animals are most likely to hurt other people too,” Elkinton stated.

Rowe took obligation for the criminal offense, stating it was inappropriate. He informed the judge he was under the impact of both heroin and Zanax at the time and has actually because gotten treatment and is tidy.

His sentence consisted of a $500 fine, and almost $4,000 in restitution. He was purchased to serve 15 days and participate in an anger management course. The judge put Rowe on not being watched probation for 3 years and disallowed him from owning a cat or dog throughout that time.

Brown stated she was pleased with the sentence although she wanted it had actually never ever taken place. She informed the judge Tazzy has actually recovered from the abuse however will likely require to take medication for the rest of her life to fight nerve damage she suffered. She was happy that, a minimum of for Rowe, there were repercussions to injuring an animal.

Brown stated she was grateful to the neighborhood who provided assistance after she published about her cat on the neighborhood app NextDoor. Complete strangers provided to aid with veterinarian expenses, sent out messages of assistance. Others called the local district attorney’s workplace, advising them to take the case. Brown stated the reaction assisted restore her faith in mankind.

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