Bird watchers vow to get violent-ish over federal government attack on nature


Bluebells in mixed woodland at sunrise

The UK’s biggest wildlife preservation groups are criticising the federal government (Image: Getty Images)

3 of the UK’s biggest wildlife preservation groups have actually collaborated after being exasperated by the federal government’s ‘U-turn’ on the environment.

The National Trust, RSPB and Wildlife Trusts state they will prompt their members– a combined 8,000,000 individuals– to eliminate back versus federal government policy.

They state that modifications to strategies set out in the Conservative manifesto total up to an ‘attack on nature’.

Federal Government plans to scrap EU protections for nature as well as relax planning laws in ‘investment zones’ and review farm subsidies have all been cited.

‘This is the biggest attack on nature certainly in my lifetime and let alone my career. This is unprecedented – that’s why we are stepping forward with the RSPB and Wildlife Trusts,’ said Hilary McGrady, who runs the National Trust.

‘We choose our battles very carefully – and we don’t do it very often.’

The organisations said they would consider organising a march in London for members to protest the changes.

‘All options are on the table in terms of what comes next,’ said Craig Bennett and Beccy Speight from the RSPB.

‘ This is something we simply can’t permit to go forward,’ they informed the BBC.

‘ Any project has great deals of tools in the tool kit. We need to prepare to utilize as a lot of those tools as will work.’

The primary reason for issue from the groups is the federal government’s strategy to get rid of 570 laws originated from EU regulations from statue. These laws comprise the majority of the ecological policies in the UK for things like sewage, air quality and securing wildlife environments.

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