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Travel is unpredictable. You never know when you’ll experience a delayed flight, lost luggage or an unexpected illness. That’s when having travel insurance can pay off. Like other types of insurance, travel insurance protects you from unexpected events that can cause disruptions and extra expenses.

Faye Travel Insurance offers comprehensive, whole-trip travel coverage so that you can minimize your risks when you’re away from home. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of Faye’s national and international travel insurance offerings, plus key considerations like pricing and accessibility, so you know whether Faye is the right choice for insuring your upcoming trips.

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Best for 100% Digital Travel Insurance

Among the best travel insurance companies, Faye Travel Insurance digitizes the entire process of purchasing and using travel insurance, from getting a quote to filing a claim, with a mobile app that handles it all.

Faye also provides real-time flight alerts with information about gate changes, delays and your baggage carousel. If you end up having any issues covered under your plan, Faye’s digital claims process is simple, quick and reliable.

For these reasons, we’ve chosen Faye as our pick for best digital travel insurance.

Faye Travel Insurance Pros and Cons

  • Customizable policies
  • Cruise coverage available
  • Fast, in-app claims processing and reimbursement
  • 24/7 customer support with live agents
  • Travel protection plans are not available in every state
  • Cap on damage to belongings

Pros explained

Customizable policies

Faye Travel Insurance has comprehensive travel coverage that includes a wide range of covered events. Flight delays and cancellations, rental property lockouts, late hotel arrivals and medical care are all covered under comprehensive plans. Additionally, Faye’s online travel insurance policy lets you insure your precise requirements so you’re not overpaying for coverage you don’t need.

Faye also offers you protection if you must make itinerary changes due to COVID-19 infection, including:

  • Reimbursement for non-refundable cancellation costs, such as activity cancellation fees, hotel costs and transportation change fees
  • Trip delay expenses and emergency medical expenses while you’re traveling, such as hospitalization, prescription drugs and unplanned accommodation fees

Apart from this, Faye offers a number of add-ons. You can cover any or all of the following for a fee:

  • Rental car care
  • Trip cancellation for any reason
  • Pet care
  • Vacation rental damage protection
  • Adventure and extreme sports protection

Cruise coverage available

Unlike many of its competitors, Faye Travel Insurance covers both domestic and international cruises for U.S. residents. Cruise coverage is included in all plans.

Fast, in-app claims processing and reimbursement

The Faye app, available on both Android and iOS, lets you process claims and get reimbursed quickly. According to consumer and press reviews, Faye’s claims process is straightforward and easily accessible. The claims process assures you that you can take advantage of your travel insurance when needed.

24/7 customer support with live agents

Faye’s customer service specialists are available 24/7. This means real humans are available every moment of every day to help with your queries. If you need a doctor or pharmacy at 2 a.m., Faye can help you locate one.

Cons explained

Travel protection plans are not available in every state

Faye’s travel insurance policies are unavailable in Washington, New York, Missouri, Montana and Pennsylvania. Also, Faye Travel Insurance is not available for policy purchases in any of the U.S. territories.

Cap on damage to belongings

Faye’s insurance does provide protection for personal belongings that are lost, stolen or damaged. However, these damages are capped at $150 per item, which may not cover your costs if you travel with expensive items like laptops or professional equipment.

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Faye Travel Insurance Coverage

Faye Travel Insurance plans are available to U.S. residents for domestic and international travel. You can insure your trip against cancellation, cover medical expenses, and mitigate the inconvenience and expense of losing your luggage, including having valuable electronics covered. We explain this coverage more below.

Your health

One of the most important things to do before leaving home, especially when traveling abroad, is to ensure that your insurance will cover your medical expenses and any other health-related complications. Your medical insurance at home likely doesn’t cover you when you travel abroad. Here are some of the important health situations that Faye’s insurance covers.

  • COVID-19 coverage: COVID-19 is insured like any other medical illness in your plan. Faye’s COVID-19 coverage includes quarantine accommodation costs, emergency medical expenses and non-refundable trip cancellation costs.
  • Emergency medical expenses: If you suffer an illness or sudden injury during your trip, your physician, prescription drug and hospitalization costs are covered. You can get up to $250,000 in coverage for international trips.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions: If you are medically fit to travel at the time of insurance purchase and buy the plan within 14 days of your initial trip deposit, pre-existing medical conditions can be covered.
  • Emergency medical evacuation: If you experience an acute, severe or life-threatening injury or illness during travel and you’re unable to get adequate medical treatment where you are, transportation to a place with adequate medical facilities is covered by the plan.

Your trip

With Faye, you can also get coverage for other unexpected, disruptive issues that come up with your trip. Here are the key trip-related items you can get protection for.

  • Trip cancellation: If your trip is canceled due to a covered reason, including COVID-19, illness or an airline canceling your flight, you can be reimbursed. Hotel bookings, flights, quarantine accommodation, concert tickets and activities are also covered. You can be reimbursed up to 100% of your non-refundable trip costs.
  • Trip delay: If something outside of your control, like theft of passport or flight delay, leaves you stranded in transit for over 6 hours, you can be reimbursed up to $300 per day, with a maximum reimbursement of $4,500 per trip.
  • Trip interruption: If you need to cut your trip short for a covered reason, including COVID-19, your non-refundable trip costs can be reimbursed — capped at 150% of your trip cost, including transportation expenses.
  • Trip inconveniences: You can receive $200 per trip inconvenience up to a maximum of $600 per trip. This includes late hotel arrival, delay at security, an eligible flight delay, flight cancelation and rental property lockout.
  • Non-medical emergency evacuation: In a political or security evacuation or a national disaster, your transportation from a dangerous place to a safe place is covered.

Your stuff

You’ll also want to ensure that your personal items and equipment are covered in case anything happens to them while you’re in transit. Here is what Faye covers.

  • Loss, theft and damage: Your policy can cover loss, theft and damage to luggage, including personal items, clothing, and mobile phones and laptops. You can be reimbursed for up to $2,000 per trip, capped at $150 per item. Note that this coverage may not be adequate to cover expensive items like cameras and laptops.
  • Baggage delays: If your baggage is delayed for 6 hours or more, you can be reimbursed $200, and up to $300 if it’s been 12 hours or more.
  • Lost passport or credit cards: If you lose a passport or a credit card, your Faye plan can reimburse up to $50 for each item.

Faye Travel Insurance Pricing

Your travel plan insurance cost depends on the length and cost of your trip, your destination and the add-ons you opt for. The longer and more expensive your trip and the more add-ons you include, the more a Faye travel insurance policy will cost.

To illustrate, consider a hypothetical trip from San Antonio, Texas, to Australia for seven days for just one person.

Here are the details of the trip as displayed by the Faye app in six simple steps:

  • Trip details: Australia, Jan. 31 to Feb. 6, 2023, 1 traveler.
  • Estimated trip cost: $3000 (the maximum reimbursable due to trip cancelation).
  • Price of Faye Travel Insurance: $179.38.

What’s covered:

  • Health: COVID-19 in-trip coverage, emergency accident and sickness medical expenses up to $250,000; pre-existing medical conditions and emergency medical evacuation expenses up to $500,000.
  • Trip: Trip cancellation up to $3000, 100% of trip cost; trip interruption up to $4500; trip delays up to $300 per day, capped at $4,500; non-medical emergency evacuation up to $100,000; trip inconvenience fees; missed trip connection fees.
  • Stuff: baggage delay, $300; loss of passport/credit cards, $50 each; loss or damage to sporting and professional equipment up to $2,000, not more than $150 per item; lost or damaged baggage up to $2,000, not more than $50 per item.
  • You can also add to this coverage for additional amounts: pet care, $25.36; vacation rental damage protection, $17.04; adventure and extreme sports protection, $71.26; rental car care, $7.58 per day; cancel for any reason: $61.06.

Faye Travel Insurance Financial Stability

It’s good to know the financial stability of your insurance company before signing a policy with them, as you want to know you’ll get payouts if you need them. Faye Travel Insurance is underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company, with an AM Best rating of A (excellent). AM Best is a preferred credit ratings agency for the insurance industry and indicates the financial stability of a company.

Faye Travel Insurance Accessibility


Faye is available in all U.S. states except Washington, New York, Missouri, Montana and Pennsylvania.

Contact information

You can call Faye within the U.S. toll-free at 833-240-7056. If you are calling from outside the U.S., dial +1-804-482-2122.

You can contact Faye via email at [email protected]. Faye’s team is also available to chat on the app 24/7.

User experience

Faye’s app-based digital insurance is streamlined and easy to use. It aims to process claims within 48 hours of getting the documentation the company needs to process your claim. Customer service is available around the clock if you have any issues or need support.

Faye Travel Insurance Customer Satisfaction

Faye is not BBB accredited. At the time of writing, Faye Travel Insurance has an “excellent” rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot based on 80 reviews.

Positive reviews praise Faye’s customer service, the ease of booking last-minute travel insurance, the reasonable coverage rates, the simplicity of the policy language and the peace of mind that comes with all these.

A couple of negative reviews spoke of an inability to get payouts.

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Faye Travel Insurance FAQ

Is Faye a reliable travel insurance provider?

Faye is a reliable travel insurance provider based on its A rating from AM Best. It is underwritten by the United States Fire Insurance Company, which has been around for over 200 years.

Who is Faye Travel Insurance best for?

Faye Travel Insurance is best for those who are looking for ease of use and a customized travel insurance plan. It is also good for anyone seeking cruise coverage and great COVID-19 protections.

How does the claims process work with Faye?

The fast and easy claims process with Faye involves submitting claims via the app. You can also email [email protected] for support.You can check your claim status on the app and chat with the support team. You’ll receive your claim via the Faye Wallet, which you can connect to your Google Pay or Apple Pay accounts. Faye aims to process claims within 48 hours of receiving essential information related to your claim. The team messages you if your claim has been denied or if the company needs more information.

Does Faye Travel Insurance have a “cancel for any reason” benefit?

Yes. The “cancel for any reason” benefit comes as an add-on. It lets you cancel your trip for reasons not mentioned in your insurance plan. You need to buy coverage within two weeks of the initial trip deposit. You must cancel your trip at least 48 hours before the scheduled departure date to take advantage of the “cancel for any reason” coverage.

How We Evaluated Faye Travel Insurance

To evaluate Faye Travel Insurance, we took into account the following:

  • Simplicity of application and claims process
  • Flexibility of plans
  • Pricing
  • Reliability of the company
  • Customer ratings
  • Third-party ratings
  • Customer support
  • Financial stability
  • Availability
  • Uniqueness of offerings (like COVID-19 and cruise coverage)

Summary of Money’s Faye Travel Insurance Review

Faye’s 100% digital travel insurance, with flexible policies, quick processing and great customer support, can help give you peace of mind before, during and after your travels.

However, Faye isn’t yet available in every U.S. state, and its coverage limits for personal belongings may be lower than the value of expensive items.

If you’re looking for other ways to protect yourself and your money while you travel, check out our list of the best travel credit cards and best travel rewards credit cards.

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