• GenderMale
  • Age2 years of ages (approx)
  • BreedGuinea pigs
  • ColourGinger, white and black.
  • StatusAvailable for adoption

About us

Bill can be found in with his friend Ben. They were handed in to us by a member of publc. They had actually been handed to her by somebody who had actually eliminated them from bad conditions. Luckily they were both in good health.

Bill and Ben get on extremely well and are now searching for their permanently home. They will require to reside in a big 5ft or larger hutch with a secure 5ft run connected to it. they both take pleasure in consuming great deals of yard and chomping on fresh kale and hay. Bill and Ben are truly good to manage and take pleasure in scratch and a tickle.

If you can offer these beautiful young boys a caring home then please fill in a little animal online application and send out an image of your hutch and run.

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