Monday, July 15, 2024
Monday, July 15, 2024

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Snakes on a sequence: Bulgari’s Serpenti turns 75

In the glistening jungle that's the jewelry world, each maker has its mascot. Cartier is dominated by the panther. Tiffany & Co has Elsa...

Bulgari Opens Serpenti Jewelry Pop-Up Shop in Beverly Hills – The Hollywood Reporter

Snakes slither, cobras strike and boas capture have actually instilled fear in individuals for centuries. But snakes likewise are things of fascination —...

Bulgari’s Serpenti Turns 75 – The New York City Times

For 75 years the Italian fashion jewelry house Bulgari has actually developed and recreated the image of a snake in its fashion...
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The Serpenti snake on the Bulgari Ginza store is a teamLab light program managed by you

While teamLab boasts excellent displays around Tokyo, consisting of the immersive teamLab Worlds museum, there are likewise an unexpected variety of...

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