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Watch: Video catches close call after man actions on poisonous snake


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An Australian man got the shock of his life after unintentionally stepping on a poisonous snake in his front backyard.

Arvind Atri was on the phone when he stepped outside his Melbourne house and based on a copperhead snake that was pushed up versus his front door.

Atri faced the front backyard to prevent the metre-long reptile, while the snake vanished out of sight.

“I stepped and it seemed like some sort of rubber and I saw it and it resembled a metre long snake beside me,” he informed 9 News.

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“It was such a frightening experience, I made certain the door was closed and ran.”

After making certain his kids were safe inside your home, Atri then called regional snake catcher Mark Pelley to come and get rid of the snake from the property.

CCTV caught the close call, with the snake catcher Pelley calling Atri a “very lucky man” and suggested that he purchase a lottery game ticket.

To enjoy the video and hear more about the event, click the video at the top of the post.

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