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Israel Police take unusual, unique, harmful animals in black market raid – Israel News


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A variety of prohibited types of turtles, snakes and amphibians were taken by Israel Police and Nature and Parks Authority in a black market raid in the Jerusalem location, the Nature and Parks Authority said Tuesday.

The animals took deserve 10s of countless shekels. Some of them were especially harmful types that might position dangers to people and the environment, send zoonotic illness, might end up being intrusive or were simply really unusual and unique animals smuggled into the nation.

Some of the animals rescued were set to be offered, while others were kept by people.

“Thanks to the cooperation of the Israel Police and Border Police, we had the ability to stop a breeder that was unlawfully keeping a a great deal of animals, a few of which were kept in poor condition,” Nature and Parks Authority National Wildlife Crime Prevention Unit authorities Yaniv Shalom explained. 

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He included that the suspect was taken in for questioning and will be the topic of a criminal examination, while the animals discovered in poor condition were sent to get veterinary care and rehab.

Which animals were taken by Israeli authorities in the black market raid?

Some of the animals took in the raid consist of, however are not restricted to:

Red-eared slider turtles, among the world’s worst intrusive types, is seen taken by Israel Police in a black market raid, on March 14, 2023. (credit: NATURE AND PARKS AUTHORITY)
  • Red-eared slider, a kind of turtle notorious for being among the single worst intrusive types on the planet
  • Albino slider turtle
  • Snakes coming from the Boiga genus, likewise referred to as cat snakes or cat-eyed snakes
  • Newts

There are various kinds of reptiles and amphibians that can be lawfully offered or kept by people, and a list of them is available on the Nature and Parks Authority website. 

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However, as Shalom verified, it is necessary that sellers have a legitimate trade authorization from the Nature and Parks Authority which the animals be kept in good condition.

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