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Hiker Covered in Blood After 8-Ft. Snake Bites His Head: Felt Like a ‘Slap’


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A hiker in Queensland, Australia, was bitten in the head by a hanging python in an obviously unprovoked attack on Monday.

Joey Zayne was on his method home from a swim with a friend at Behana Gorge in Cairns, Far North Queensland, when the event happened,

“As we were leaving, walking up the track, another couple mentioned the scrub python hanging from the trees above the course, about 2.5 meters [8 feet] long, we approximate,” Zayne informed Newsweek. “I’m presuming it was preparing to feed upon bats.”

An Australian hiker’s pictures reveal a scrub python hanging from a tree. With each picture, the python would edge gradually better.Joey Zayne

Zayne secured his cam and started to picture the dangling reptile. “I took a couple of good images and video from a safe range, [but] my friend informed me that each time I put my cam to examine the video it got a bit better, so I chose to leave it alone,” he said.

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As the 2 will leave, Zayne recognized he might not discover the secrets to his motorcycle. “I browsed my bag and after that some rubbish dropped the rocks,” he said. “I strolled down to obtain it.”

On his method back up, Zayne forgot to keep watch on the herpetological threat hanging from the tree. “[The snake] should have dropped much lower since it bit me throughout the face,” he said.

“It was exceptionally quickly, simply a split-second contact…. It seriously seemed like somebody had actually slapped me throughout the face.”

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Zayne dropped the rocks however handled to capture himself on a tree. “I was simply shocked,” he said. “There was definitely no sign it would do that, it simply appeared curious.”

Joey Zayne is seen after being bitten in the head by the scrub python.Joey Zayne

Zayne’s friend went to see if he was safe, and they decreased to the water to rinse the injury.

“I recognized that it was bleeding a lot more than I anticipated,” Zayne said. “It was spraying out of my head, possibly cut a vein or little artery by the appearances of it.”

In Australia, scrub pythons are discovered in the damp forests of northern Queensland, according to Oakvale Wildlife Park. They are not poisonous, however their bites can still trigger a great deal of damage.

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To get home, Zayne needed to cover his Tee shirts around his head in his helmet to stop the bleeding.

Zayne is no complete stranger to harmful wildlife and has actually had many close encounters in the past. “[Usually] you simply calmly leave and provide space,” he said. “This one chose to come better. I believe it was detecting my heat since it was hanging from the trees searching for bats.”

It is extremely uncommon for snakes to assault individuals like this without some sort of justification. But after Zayne published about the event in a regional treking group on Facebook, it quickly ended up being clear that he was not the only one to have actually been teased by the python.

“My friend likewise got bitten in the head 2 weeks earlier in the exact same area,” said one Facebook user.

The user went on to state that the friend just got a shallow bite mark with “very little blood.”

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