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Rescued Male and Female Syrian Hamsters!|Violet & Frost'' s Intake Story'| Munchie ' s Place

(* )we just save one, however sometimes we take place to have owners with several hamsters, wanting to

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Sometimes them all at the exact same time. rehome this case we discovered these 2 on a FB rehoming In in insufficient care. group for education, I talk alot about what I see that’s incorrect, to inform those searching in. Just to point out why the individual was rehoming in the very first location.

And to my extraordinary group of volunteers and assistants. I could not have actually done this without you people. ❤.

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Daniel Husband
Daniel Husbandhttps://petnews2day.com
I'm the editor for Pet News 2Day. I also a dog groomer for almost 5 years plus work along side my wife with her dog walking business too so I really understand the pet industry.


  1. my syrian will not chew on toys. i have tried every toy out there but its all a big nope. my little robo has been working his way thru every abandoned toy. i have been trimming kevins teeth every week or two just so the bottom ones dont grow too long. he is an awesome boy.

  2. i’m so glad i work at dennys pet world(mom and pop pet store). we aren’t allowed to sell animals to people without questioning them about their setup and what products and food they use. and we can deny animal sales if it seems sketchy.

  3. I currently work at said pet shop and today it came to my attention that my store is allotted 320 hours to staff the store, including grooming.

    Thats 8 full time employees.

    Including management.

    We have 6 full time managers.

    What the hell.

    I educate everyone. Am a manager myself. It's 90% of what I do there.

    We are so severely understaffed I basically do 3 jobs at once.

    For 16/hr.

    As a manager.

  4. I'm sorry about your bad experience with your pet store job.. I had a bad experience working for Petsmart. I was there for almost 5 years and I had several opportunities to move up but the store manager wouldn't promote me because I cared about the animals too much and not sales.

    She would refuse to let us take animals to the vet because she was just gonna send them back to the DC they came from, but it took them 3 weeks to come get these animals and by then they were all dead.

    She is also a bully and has done really horrible things to my trans coworker.

    But corporate sees her as a top earner so they won't do a thing about it. Luckily my coworker and I have better jobs. And the store has really gone to shit since he and I left.

  5. Your experience with a pet store job is like my last job at one of the big two here in the states, especially with our store leader, being on register constantlyand the revolving door of hires. I now work at a store in a smaller chain that's the only one of its kind in the state and it's so much better. I spend a lot of my time just educating kids and families about the animals in my department. I often direct people to animal youtubers as a resource. (I work with fish, reptiles and arthropods, so people like kgtropicals, Clint's reptiles, and tarantula collective)

    I think there are a lot of pet store employees who want to do right by animals but are stymied by corporate and corporate management hiring practices. I encourage folks to do their own research and if they're going to shop at a pet store to pick a local store or smaller chain first.

  6. These two are so adorable. I'm happy they got better enclosures. Ur videos are very informative & how I actually found out what I needed to provide for my late hamster Sam. He passed away from cancer about a year ago but I know that I did the best I could for him thanks to my own research & these videos so thank u so much. I do want to get another hamster or perhaps a guinea pig one day after I've moved & more research into caring for a guinea pig & continued research into hamster care. Definitely going to go for a Niteangel because of their cages are generally very good quality or make one of my own

  7. 100% agree that small animals shouldn’t really be taken care of by small children who don’t know how to handle animals.
    I see the same thing with betta fish where these kids are putting too much food, not cleaning the tank, complaining about cleaning the tank, etc. Pet owning, if there is a kid, is a group effort. You paid for the pet, you also take care of the pet.

  8. I do have a 6-year-old son and a three year old daughter and they do help me feed the hamsters they also help me do clean outs if they don't want to what they don't do it I'll do it I try very hard to teach my children that animals are just as important as people animals don't have a voice I also have taught them that very well my children try very hard to be good to animals and they are very sweet to animals I didn't get the hamsters for my kids I got them for myself but my kids do love them if my kids want to have some interaction time with my most friendly hamster I'll clean up my bathtub I'll dry it out I'll put some towels down I'll plug up the drain I'll put one child at a time in the tub to spend some time with the hamster and they're satisfied and then sweet pea goes on her wheel for bed goes back to bed

  9. I feel so bad for hamsters that are in pet stores I'm not even going to lie I used to work at a pet store it was just a horrible situation I have three hamsters from there two of them I did purchase one of them I adopted two of them that I have are not well tamed at all but I still work with them and I won't give up on them one of them is a little more friendly than the other the other is a bit more skittish but I have plans to put her in a bigger cage soon she's in a 40 gallon breeder now and she's absolutely beautiful I love hamsters all three of my hamsters are gorgeous I usually get the black ones or the Oreo looking ones because nobody usually wants them

  10. I would looooove a hamster or a gerbil again. I was very young when I had them. But today I am an adult and I did better research and your channel and another one too gave us so many awesome advice on how to keep these pets properly. So when I have my own place I will get everything I need for these cuties. For now I will take notes! ❤️ Thank you!! ❤️

  11. It is ridiculous that nobody in corporate in these huge pet stores sees the huge opportunities and how huge they could become if they actually promoted and cared for the well-being of everything they sell products for

  12. My favourite wheel for russian dwarfs/hybrids etc. is absolutely the Carolina storm! It's 10 inches and they can get very chunky as they're winter hamsters and it is soooo quiet, if you get it on a nice platform it's silent unless they shove food in there 🤣

  13. I thought they were pet carriers! It is heart breaking those poor hamsters had to live in such a tiny space. They both look happy now that they have space and enrichment. I hope they both find their forever homes soon. ❤❤

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