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Thermometer Guide for Reptiles: The Best Types of Thermometers for Reptiles & How to Use them

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Should you utilize a dial thermometer, or a digital probe thermometer? Or perhaps an infrared temperature gun? And how do you have to place it: on the wall, or on the ground?

There are loads of questions concerning thermometers and their use with reptiles, and in right now’s video, I set about making an attempt to reply all of them.

To anyone with a faint thought of use a thermometer with reptiles (i.e. put it within the cage, then learn what it says) would assume that they knew precisely what they have been doing, however you may nicely be flawed. Selecting the most effective sort of thermometer to make use of in a vivarium is the primary a part of the issue (and, as I talk about right now, isn’t so simple as one sort being superior to the remainder – an infrared temp gun is not at all times higher than a digital thermometer or a dial); subsequent come the problems of selecting the place to place the thermometer throughout the enclosure, contemplating how the heating and lighting might have an effect on the studying you get, after which tie all of this collectively to realize the most effective thermal gradients on your reptile, be it bearded dragon, leopard gecko, ball python, or in any other case. There’s definitely extra to it than meets the attention!

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  1. I'm really wondering if I can use aquarium digital thermometers for a leopard gecko tank because they look the same black probe exactly like the ones that say for reptiles just says aquarium in in

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