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5 Things That MUST Change To Save The Reptile Hobby

5 Things That MUST Change To Save The Reptile Hobby

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The reptile passion is continually underneath assault with proposed bans and restrictions and we as a neighborhood should change to avoid wasting the reptile passion! These 5 issues will change and so they should change to avoid wasting the snake and reptile holding passion eternally!

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  1. Some snakes REALLY in stress,if you always watch,what they do,or the terrarium is very big,and you have really a lot hiding spots and caves..okay,but you cant see the snake,if you need to find snake,you go to destroy all cool things in your tank.Soo..i think really(!!) Big enclosure thats not unnessesary,but if you keep you snake,like 100 cm corn snake in 10 litres box…thats really bad,yeah

  2. Honestly, I think the occasional toxicity is the big thing. I’m pretty impressed with this community’s willingness to update our minimum standards for animals, I’ve seen it change pretty rapidly in my 4 years keeping reptiles and being in this community.

  3. I have so many issues with this. You can't liken uvb to massage therapy, how ridiculous. I'm first going to start with your use of the term beneficial, just because you can't see the long term effects of non exposure to uvb, you think it's beneficial? Are you measuring your snakes bone density? What about other items uvb does for reptiles, such as healthier gene replication, anti microbial properties, better vision, the list literally goes on and on and on. For animals that are crepuscular, nocturnal, foscorial, animals have been observed cryptic basking. Its all about choise and you as the keeper need to enrich the animals life by offering it choise.
    Also eryx HAVE been observed basking sooooo ………. 🤷‍♂️

    Very dangerous rhetoric, perhaps more papers by credited sources need to be read before we make ridiculous and potentially dangerous videos with serious repercussions and consequences.

  4. Lilith was such a gorgeous snake. Her death *WAS NOT KEVIN'S FAULT*. People getting on him for it was so stupid. She died because of a congenital problem, not because of anything he did. He had no way of knowing Lilith had gout, and there may have been no cure, either. Her body just couldn't deal with the proteins in her diet. She'd have had to be on some kind of medication for the rest of her life and Kevin wouldn't have been able to breed her.😿🐍

  5. Its not just the reptile community. Its the fish community, dog community, shit even the houseplant community. I think its a symptom of social media honestly. No immediate accountability. Often no accountability whatsoever.

  6. I'd like to double or triple the height on Crested Gecko's enclosure. I just wish she would eat some of the roly polies. There are too many of them.

    Russian Tortoise is already in a meter wide kiddy pool enclosure. He gets plenty of exercise, mostly from trying to climb out. His head made it to the top of the wire fence once.

  7. Another change in the hobby should be to not condone the nonsensical bullying. A friend of mine had to delete her comment because everyone kept saying her questions and things that needed to change were “stupid.” Question being on going to an expo and asking a breeder what a particular animal was being fed at that time and then being scoffed at because she was a woman. People proceeded to tell her that she was stupid for asking that question. Then tell her to google it. Is google gonna tell you what so and so breeder’s snake is eating at that moment? No it’s not. How many of you have gone to an expo and not asked that question. You ask about what size and what prey item they are being fed so you can properly keep them on a steady diet. How in the fuck is that a stupid question? Y’all need to change your attitude and not attack people for asking legitimate questions. I have always asked the breeders what the animal of interest is feeding on and have asked even more questions and have gained friendships with these breeders because of it. So, in short, don’t be an asshole. Be kind. Help everyone in the hobby that are willing to help themselves. Don’t be a fucking bully.

  8. I wish bigger enclosures were easier to buy for find in stores. I can’t order enclosures to my apartment because the mail people here never deliver it to the right place. And I can’t buy like super big fish tanks because I can’t get them up the damn stairs. I need a tank that can be assembled that I can get in a store. The biggest thing I can realistically carry up stairs is 40g

  9. I'm building my first vivarium now and it's a) large b) bioactive because I want whatever will be housed in there to live it's best life (both animal and plant)

  10. You sound like a Karen! These standards that you're trying to push onto everyone will ensure animals continue to be wild caught! Who would want to become a breeder if you have to meet all these requirements and still compete with WC prices? Yea, easy for you to do when you make a shit ton of money from videos on YouTube, recording the exact same animals in just new video formats/topics. Not so easy when you spend thousands on your breeding stock to just sell babies at about WC prices…. Breeders provide us with healthy animals who don't come with any problems such as mites, parasites, and so on! I personally don't use rack and tub systems because thankfully I was able to wholesale lots of glass enclosures but they're expensive and I see nothing wrong with rack and tub systems that are set up properly. A little tone deaf of you. Keep the socialism in Canada!

  11. I feel like we all should look more to Germany. I'm from Denmark. And we have fairly good standards, but they're no where near the standards of Germany. And that goes for all small and exotic animals! Germany has the worlds best standard for Hamsters, mice and rats enclosure, with a much larger minimum size then any other countrys.
    We all want the best for our pets, I hope at least! Yet, people are at each others throat about their animal husbandry. Every country has different standards, and some, like the US' and the asian standards for animals, are completely ridiculous. But, we all need to advocate and educate on better animal care, but we need to do it with just as much compassion as passion. We all have different ressources available. But education within the various animal communities is definetly the way forward! We never know everything, there's always something new to learn.

  12. I'd like to see less breeding of animals who have oversaturated the market, causing thousands to either suffer neglect or end up in shelters: beardies, leopard geckos, ball pythons, etc.

  13. I love you're videos! Been stuck watching for hours, but I'm curious on you're opinion on using Styrofoam inside a bearded dragon tank,(for walls and shelving). I'm currently in the process of building an enclosure and I have read/watched a lot that has opposing opinions, I'm curious on you're thoughts.

  14. in the zoo i work at we use racks but for some limited time, since we receive a lot of animals that have been hurt or were trying to be sold on the black market, until they recover and we can release them at a national park!

  15. Hey can you review this channel called "FROG EATS" and tell us your opinions about it?

    I've recently been recommended their videos on youtube and i find them to be a bit disturbing, as they live feed a lot of animals such as hamster, geckos, rats, turtles, frogs, snakes, etc. to their pet pacman frogs, african bullfrog, snakes, etc.

    As I feel that the frogs are being overfed with these live animals, I personally don't know what reasons you'd have to justify killing these animals for views.

  16. When it comes to snakes, especially the constrictors, racks tend to cause the least amount of stress.
    Boas and pythons especially want to hide and they don't want to be disturbed while hiding.
    That being said, we should be providing a large enough drawer in a rack for them to stretch out.

    Not saying this is every individual boa or pyhton, I have several however and ALL of them spend their entire days hidden, coiled and relaxed in the darkest place they can find, which is why I moved away from large viewable enclosures and into a rack.
    Wasn't about keeping more snakes, it was about keeping my current snakes happy.

  17. The last piint applies to all pet keeping in every country. Pet birds, tropical fish and so on. If we don’t band together, there will be no hobby. Lobbyists want to ban everything except cats and dogs.

  18. I keep all my reptiles with uvb and bioactive, like you said the uvb is not a necessity for a lot of them but I do it because it’s beneficial (obviously making sure I don’t used too much uvb on a shade dweller)

  19. We also have the tank fully bio active and naturalistic. I mean.. if you are keeping an exotic animal, and you really love animals, you want to create a close as possible natural habitat in a suitable size " box " to keep them. It's also there for an AMAZING nature display piece. A nice exotic piece of self sustainable nature ecosystem within your house… to me, that is the most beautiful thing there is.

  20. Agreed!!!! I have a Corn in a 95 gallon tank. She will outgrow that one over time, so i want to build one over time where she can fully stretch when she is a adult. We REALLY want a beardie and a impetator, but even though we technically could fit all lf that in our apartment if we throw some other stuff out, we will not go there yet. First we want to move to a house, and THEN we are going to save up extra to build out own enclosures because it is cheaper that buying a tank here and you can benefit the space more with w custom made one. People need to think more with their heads. They ( reptiles ) are relying us to survive amd thrive… it's not just another cat or guinea pig or dog or something.. i think these are good changes!! NO i do not like the high prices atm, but at least it's also holding back people who must not seek for animals in this sector.

  21. I just found your channel because I wanted to learn more about reptiles as someone who’s never owned anything outside of mammals . I just want to say your videos are very entertaining and informative . I’ve been binging your videos throughout today .

  22. You make great points, but doing things like calling those who don't approve of the practices of a public reptile keeper who you admire "basement dwellers" is literally part of the problem with the reptile community. The way that you explained how they are expressing their disapproval is not acceptable (on their part) , but name calling only compounds the problem. Ultimately, the community is full of self-prescribed experts who feel they know what is best for these animals and want to see them treated the way they deserve; MOST people in that community have good hearts and want what is best for the animals and hobby they are passionate about, so we need to stop treating people as the vilian and instead come together about this beautiful hobby with passion and KINDNESS, educating instead of attacking and listening instead of being on the defensive. Everyone can learn something new, regardless of how experienced you are 💕

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