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Does your dog shed? Here is what you can do! The trick to de-shedding any dog in your home does not include magic tools … in reality, you just require a brush, a comb, and particular dog grooming techniques that you did not understand. There is an extremely easy and safe method to de-shed your dog and It will not cost you any cash. The secret to keeping your dogs undercoat in check is exposed in this video. Let me show precisely how to do it and what tools you require to do the job securely. Tools that you most likely currently have at home. Let me reveal you the correct approach to get rid of the dead undercoat from your dog, leaving absolutely nothing however healthy skin and coat. You will value not having dog hair all over you and yourhouse
Deshedding a dog is easy and you do not require to take them to an expert groomer to get fantastic outcomes in your home. This is a significant undercoat elimination and you can have the very same result as a dog groomer if you follow the actions to deshed any dog I teach in this dog grooming tutorial. This is the very best undercoat elimination for dogs my friends!
How to stop your dog from shedding is not to shave the coat. It is my satisfaction to share the tricks of the animal grooming market with you so you can offer quality take care of your family pets in your home.

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  1. So I watched you video yesterday I have absolutely no tools like yours but I was able able to lather my half Shepard and husky and get most of his hair off with some shampoo and a brush. Never thought about brushing him while I bathed him! What a charm of knowledge that allowed me to get his shedding fur controlled

  2. I've been a groomer for about 8 months with a mentor. I cant for the life of me figure out how to hold the shedding blade to get as much as possible out in one swipe. Then using the curry. I try my hardest not to mess up their skin. It's mainly the uber short coats who blow. Someone help! My mentor has shown me but I still cant figure it out

  3. Thank you so much. I am due to have my baby in the next few weeks and it’s shedding season for my pup. She’s an 80 lb golden retriever so she’s got a lot of fur floating around so My husband is gonna try it!

  4. I need a deshedding brush for my Labrador retriever. She sheds in spring like nobodys business. I got her groomed twice, but she just comes home with loose undercoat. I need something to brush that undercoat please. Recommendations 🤷‍♂️

    I have a Husky x Mudi mix and on top of having a thick undercoat he is also very curly
    I already got so much out during the shampoo phase!
    I'm going to do this again next month as he has wuite alot of built up shedding I guess but I think it's already so much better!

  6. Hi Amy I’m Angie from Australia I’ve recently adopted a rescue dog a mereema he hasn’t been brushed properly on his rump so he had really tight dreddies do I cut them out
    He doesn’t like to have anything done to him he’s not aggressive but makes it extremely difficult to do anything with

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