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Puppy Biting Kids – Training Tips

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Puppy Biting Kids – Training Tips// You have a brand-new pup and you have kids. Is your pup biting the kids and you want they ‘d stop? In this video everything about pup training with kids, you’ll find how to finest handle both dogs and kids in the home together. Kids can train their dogs to stop biting with practice and perseverance. Set proper expectations with your pup and kids. Teach your kids how to appropriately connect with a young puppy.

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  1. What kind of advice is this? If the dog bites your kids beyond a playful nip on any kind of regular basis, it’s going to the shelter. End of discussion. Nothing worse than a dog owner who imposes their choice to introduce a potentially dangerous animal into a family home with young children. Just like people, some dogs are aggressive and vicious.

  2. This video was actually very helpful and informative. We have a 3 mo. Old German shepherd who has targeted my shy/scared 3 year old daughter. We're currently working on no nipping/play biting.

  3. This was SO helpful! I have a three year old and we newly adopted a 9 month old mini schnauzer/boston terrier mix. She's been biting/mouthing my daughter because she has been invading her space a lot and taking toys, grabbing her and getting on her level on the floor, etc. We've been giving puppy more crate time to just have her own space and it seems to be working slowly. We'll keep working on it. Thank you!

  4. Have a 5 and 7 year old, and we just got an 8 week old American Bully puppy. Puppy likes to chase and nip the squealing kids to the point I keep puppy on a leash while kids are with me (they're 50/50 between my place and their mom's). I'm sure this is going to make leash training a nightmare but I try to get training in while she's on the leash.

  5. Our puppy is now 14 weeks old. We got him at 8, almost 9 weeks old. I have 2 kids, ages 6 and 7. Both want to pick him up a lot, chase him thinking it's fun, and squeal. Our puppy loves bitting hands, shirt sleeves, pants, etc. I finally had my children stop wearing socks, while in the same room, because he goes after them every time, and sometimes gets their feet in the process. Any advice on this issue would be great!!! In the meantime, I will sit down with my children, watch this video, and pause and explain to them what they should/shouldn't be doing. 😊

  6. I cannot break my 9 month old BC pup. Yes, she is bred for herding. But if she has crate time and my 4 year old is running through the house, she freaks out in the crate barking. However if she is out of the crate and my daughter is playing she tries to herd and I'm scared my daughter will get nipped. We've tried counter conditioning and she does good with the leave it command but super focused on what my daughter does. She will also come over when daughter is calm and rest her head on her lap and want love.

  7. I don’t have a kid, but my 6 month Labrador retriever becomes CRAZY when she sees kids, today at the park, she suddenly slipped out of her collar and started running towards a kids playground, I started chasing her and catching her but all the kids were already scared and started screaming, she ended up chasing a little boy off of his swing in biting his jacket, the kid was extremely scared and I didn’t see my dog biting him, but people told me she actually did bite his arm and I’m very anxious to take her out on walks. What do I do?

  8. I have an almost 8 month old Border Collie and she has started to be afraid of everything. People, dogs, and even her water dish. Now she has started growli g at my 4 yr old. She likes to run and Zoe(pup) will chade her and seems like she wants to bite. I always correct with a loud AH AH and she stops. How can I stop this?!

  9. Thanks for the video. Just had a situation where my 4 year old pressed down on our puppy and the puppy growled and nipped at him, so I decided to look at videos on how to handle this. Your video was very informative, and I will follow your tips.

  10. I have a 12 week old doberman and although I do not have any children, I do have a 4 year old niece who currently stays with me and it is not going very well. Everything you are saying is spot on though, almost prophetic. The child is over excited and through her constant movement and loudness coerces my puppy to go into "aggressive" play mode. Which, in turn, causes my niece to scream/ cry and run, which then leads to my puppy chasing her. Outside of that, my puppy is an absolute angel. Smart as a whip. Thank you for the tips, I will implement them asap so I can get a well behaved puppy who learns how and when to play correctly.
    One question for you (or anyone)
    How can I get my puppy to refrain from attacking/playing with my elderly grandma? My grandma doesn't engage in any of the behaviors that my niece does, but my puppy is a bit too rambunctious around my grandma and it scares me to death for both of their safety. I am moving to another location away from them at the end of the month. Should I just keep my puppy away from them until I can get her trained properly? I am currently planning to have her boarded and trained professionally so she can have the best start to a long and wonderful life.
    Anyways thank you for the information! Love your videos

  11. My 5 year old son is very active and we have a 3 month old Australian Shepard puppy who uses my son as a giant chew toy. When he is calm he can reinforce the commands we taught which is rare. "Sit" and "Stay " but most of the time she bites and nips at his energy levels. Im trying to get him to stay calm but hes very impatient as he has been all his life. Unfortunately. We tell him remain calm and she will too or dont go into room without me or your daddy so we can make sure she doesnt jump on you and hurt you. 😔 i know.they will get along one day. We had her trained for commands "Crate", ((which we learned from you)) "Come" "Sit" and "Stay" we just got her 3 weeks ago but ran out of treats… i feel we need to retrain her since our son doesnt listen to our pleas to leave her alone when shes resting. I guess he feels like he cant bond enough with her. Its not his fault. No neighborhood kids, no in school friends, no siblings. Hes the only one. Hence why i got puppy in the first place. To give him a friend to grow up with. Any advice would be great. Thanks! Love your videos.

  12. Taking Naps: My 3 month old Goldendoodle naps quite fine outside the crate? If I put her in the crate she whines, and I ignore this for at least 30 minutes. Am I doing the wrong thing by letting her nap under my desk, while I'm working? Thanks.

  13. " kids don't understand puppies and dogs minds"
    Me doing research since I was five and helped raised 6 different dogs since I was 3
    Yeah I get it most kids are 3 years old in a 15 year old bodys and I was screwed from the beginning but this hurt no offense since most kids (3-13) are a bit immature and and have attitudes toward s like anything
    But thanks for the advice and I will use it on my new pup ( leopard coonhound/ lab/pitbull)

  14. My son is 5years old, we have a 9 week old corgi. My son loves the dog but gets scared of all the puppy’s nipping and biting at his feet. It’s our first family dog, so we all have a lot of learning to do!

  15. Thank you for the video! We have had our puppy who is 9 wks, for one week now. I have four kids, ages 12, 9, 7 & 5. She has already drawn blood from two of the kids with those razor-sharp teeth. My 5-year-old gets attacked the most. After watching your video I see why. He runs and screams and jumps on the couch when she starts nipping him. My 9 yr old has asked me to "make her stop" and tells her "bad dog". This bothers me and I have told him it's ok to tell her "no" firmly but not "bad dog" since she is doing what ALL puppies do. He insists not all puppies bite like her. This might be a long month ahead until she learns a "softer mouth". I am going to have him watch ALL your puppy biting videos tomorrow! I can't wait to watch the one you made to help teach the kids to train the dog and bond more effectively!! Keep them coming!! Especially tips on kids with puppies!!

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