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Kitty Talks Dogs: grooming Charlotte the Pomeranian|TRANSGROOM

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The dog of July is Charlotte the 7-month old Pomeranian! Certified master groomer Kitty Dekeersgieter guides you through her grooming session of the young puppy. Charlotte has actually currently won 2 programs in the young puppy class in Ghent and Lommel (Belgium) and is getting utilized to the handlings of grooming.

Find all items utilized here:

1:10 First brush through of the coat.
1:57 Clipping the dog’s nails.
3:52 Cleaning the dog’s ears.
5:04 Bathing the dog.
10:03 Drying the dog.
11:43 Brushing the coat of the dog out.
14:29 Clipping in between the dog’s pads.
15:54 Scissoring and styling the dog’s coat.

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  1. I love your videos! I’ve been watching grooming videos for many months now in preparation for the arrival of my poodle puppy! But I just found your channel and it is THE BEST!! Thanks so much for your amazing explanations and details! I’ve groomed and bathed all kinds of animals in my life but nothing so daunting as a Poodle. Excited to try!! I also have a 2.5 year old 70 lb. Great Pyrenees mix. Great Pyrenees are unfortunately filling the shelters and rescues here in the U.S. these last few years since the market for puppies has boomed and they aren’t the dog for just anyone. Anyhow, I mention it because I wonder if you might do a video with a Great Pyrenees? I joke that I give my Pyr “poodle feet” because she gets “grinch feet” and can slip on some floors. I trim her feet and then the next day they’re furry again!! Well, not that fast but almost!! Thanks again! I’m so enjoying all of your videos!!!

  2. ooh i love the trick about mixing the soap first – my pom is 15 years old and I have always just put the shampoo ON her and then made the lather. I have always thought that just makes her more tangled… So I will try that. I have learned my lessons over the years that Stella gets to air dry a bit and she gets a break. Then she gets some blow drying and the combing/brush out is LAST. She stays nice looking for a long time. At 15 she still has a full beautiful coat as she's never been shaved!

  3. hi, i have a mittelspitz/german spitz. i used the force dryer on him with a round nossel, somehow it spun the fur and crated terrible knots that i had to cut out of his coat :Xit happened were his fur was very long on the butt and around his chest/mane. he is now 15months and he has droped most of the long coat he had as a puppy. but im still scared of force drying him :X i dont want it to happen again. do you have any advise? also do you line brush dogs with this kind of coat?

  4. I need you to groom my Cooper! His fur is as long as your first pup used as example. Minus the mats!!! He has on tiny one I need to trim out, i usually can detangle his bitty mats around his ears with the downy baby fur, so, so soft and silky, instant knots! I'm afraid to not find the correct groomer. So i have a big furball waiting for his 12/23 appt to be groomed. I wish i knew where you were!

  5. How do u get them in a dog show? I have a pomeranian and she's gonna be 2 years old in May, and she doesn't let me cut her nails at all. I do alittle clipping on her butt because it gets in the way of her going poop, but that's all because ì don't want to mess up her fur by cutting it. She really needs to be groomed and her nails really needs to be clipped and she won't let me cut her nails at all and when ì do try to cut her nails she pulls away from me and ì afraid of really hurt her. My baby girl pomeranian Boots Rain she loves taking showers and baths. I'm disabled and don't drive or have anyone to take me to a groomer to get her groomed. Wish that some of the grooming people would come to the people's house to groomed the dogs.

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