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How to groom a distressed dog who can end up being aggressive, dog grooming, does not like feet being touched

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This video reveals you that even with a resistant distressed dog who possibly can end up being aggressive, you can still groom effectively with no restraints, fear hostility

Have you ever asked the concern, how can I groom my dog in the house or browsed how to groom my dog or perhaps how to begin a dog grooming company? Then this is the YouTube channel for you!

Each video is unedited video of an everyday home based dog grooming company.
Being a dog groomer for 15 years, I have actually seen a great deal of dogs and found out a range of strategies of how to groom any dog WITHOUT restraints!

These videos are for individuals thinking about grooming their own dogs from home, wishing to find out how to begin their own dog grooming company, owners who are trying to find options on numerous health concerns with their dog and obviously most notably for my dog owners to see how their dog does while being groomed.

In addition to grooming strategies, I will be publishing videos of health issues or alerting indications of possible health issues to keep an eye out for with any options I have actually found out throughout the years.

I likewise prepare to share special attributes that I encounter while grooming as some are quite special and really fascinating!

I am constantly thinking about making any videos that individuals wish to see, so please do not hesitate to send me recommendations and I’d more than happy to publish a video when I have the ability to do so.

Thanks for seeing and I hope you taken pleasure in the video.

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  1. Genius! Thank you! I groom my own dog and I am definitely going to use the cone to do her feet and nails! I bought one of those hammocks to put her in and that has helped me be able to do more with her feet, but she will still turn and try and bite me… although she has never bit me, she is trying to make me stop. I need to figure out how to shave in between her pads without scratching her with the blade. I would have liked to see this dog you groomed when she was all done.

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