Relaxing Music For Dogs With Separation Anxiety

A Puppy Hiding under the Table with Separation Anxiety

Listening to specific songs can help soothe and relax you during demanding times. While research study has documented the therapeutic results of sound and music on the human brain, could listening to music calm pets, too?

And if so, what kind of music do pet dogs like? Is there a specific type of music, for instance, that can assist your dog be less stressed around loud noises like construction, thunderstorms, and fireworks, or simply when they are home alone?

Can You Use Music to Soothe Dogs?
There has actually not been a ton of research study in this area, but there suffices to suggest that music can be utilized to increase relaxed habits in canines.

According to Dr. Susan Wagner, a veterinary neurologist and co-author of Through a Dog’s Ear: Using Sound to Improve the Health and Behavior of Your Canine Companion, the daily noises in the average American household can have a huge effect on our animals’ health and well-being.

She also states that we can combat this sound pollution and enrich their environment through particular kinds of music that have actually had a relaxing impact on dogs in previous research studies.

What Types of Music Are Calming for Dogs?
A 2002 research study conducted by animal behaviorist Dr. Deborah Wells confirmed the relaxing impact on pets of symphonic music. In this research study, the pet dogs invested more time resting and being quiet, and less time standing when exposed to classical music compared to heavy metal music, popular song, or conversation.

In 2005, Dr. Susan Wagner, a board-certified veterinary neurologist, found that solo piano music created according to psychoacoustic principles– with slower paces and simple plans and sounds– was more reliable in minimizing stress and anxiety than popular timeless music. While both relaxed the dogs in the study enough to make them lie down, the solo piano was a lot more efficient.

A later research study performed in 2012 by Dr. Lori Kogan from Colorado State College of Veterinary Medicine likewise investigated the results of symphonic music, heavy metal, and particularly developed music on 117 pet dogs in a kennel environment. She found that while listening to symphonic music, the pet dogs invested more time sleeping and less time vocalizing than when listening to other music or no music.

More just recently, a study carried out in 2017 showed that easy rock and reggae, especially, caused more unwinded behaviors and increased heart rate irregularity, which indicates less stress.

Is There Music Made to Soothe Pet Dogs?
Here are some choices for relaxing music for canines:

Follow Preventive Veterinarian on Spotify for various pet-friendly playlists.

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Use an Amazon Echo Device and ask it to play relaxing or meditation music

There are likewise apps dedicated to calming music for pet dogs you can connect to bluetooth speakers like this Pug Bluetooth Speaker on Amazon.

Some music is produced specifically for dogs and has frequencies that dogs, and not human beings, can hear. While each dog might have their own music choices, the tempo, length of the musical notes, simpleness of tones, and routine rhythms are the most important relaxing qualities.

When to Play Calming Music for Dogs
Your dog may appreciate soothing music in the following scenarios:

If they are a brand-new puppy or dog adjusting and settling in after being brought to your house.

Dogs with separation anxiety, when they are left alone. While the sound of music might be soothing, be sure you likewise play the very same music when you are house with them so they do not associate the music with being house alone.

When your dog hangs around in their crate or safe space.

Taking a trip in a car can trigger anxiety, so playing some familiar music that you have formerly played at home may help them relax

Should you play soothing music for your dog during fireworks and thunderstorms?
These sounds can be stressful for numerous canines, so playing a preferred tune can assist distract them from the sounds outside and keep them calm. Music can help mask the noise of fireworks or thunderstorms.

For young puppies and dogs who have not yet shown anxiety or fear of loud noises, it is worthwhile to introduce noises in a favorable way to prevent noise phobia or stress and anxiety from developing. While the majority of effective throughout your puppy’s imprint duration (in between 5 to 16 weeks of age), it can still be done at any age.

Dog fitness instructor Victoria Stilwell partnered with Through a Dog’s Ear to develop audio tracks that integrate soothing music with low-volume sound results like fireworks, thunderstorms, and city noises. These are fantastic tools to present a puppy to brand-new noises in a favorable way or to use in a desensitization training strategy.

The Sound Proof Puppy app is another option to proactively expose your puppy to new noises during their socializing duration. It’s readily available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Tips for playing music to soothe your dog:

Keep the volume moderate to low. Their sense of hearing has to do with four times as delicate as ours!

Start playing music when your puppy is young and knowing. This makes music one of the regular noises that they would hear in the home.

Try various genres to get an idea of what type of music calms them the most and how they react to each one.

Do not just play music when your dog is home alone. Play it also when you are house so they do not associate music with you leaving the house. This can increase stress instead of calming them.