Cat loud night breathing [Sound Effects High Quality] شخير القطط


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Cat loud night breathing [Sound Effects High Quality] شخير القطط

Whenever you introduced kitty home from the rescue organization, you in all probability anticipated the standard cat expertise. When she settled in instantly for a nap, you knew it was coming. She is a cat, in any case. What you didn’t anticipate have been the super-loud—however nonetheless in all probability fairly cute—snores coming from her teensy little nostril as she slept.

Loud night breathing in cats is much less frequent than it’s in dogs, which can go away cat house owners questioning if there’s a serious subject with their feline companions. Whereas loud night breathing could possibly be indicative of a bigger well being subject, a cat who snores will not be essentially in medical bother. So if kitty is sawing wooden within the subsequent room and also you’re unsure if you’ll want to schedule an appointment along with your vet, right here’s what it is best to know.

الخَرْخَرَة أو القَرْقَرَة أو الهَرْهَرَة (بالإنجليزية: Purr) هي صوت تصدره السنوريات عند شعورها بالفرح والطمأنينة، وللدلالة على السرور، وأيضا عند اقترابها من أصحابها القطط والمفضلين لديها من البشر. والخرخرة تصدرها أيضا بعض القطط المريضة عند شعورها بالوهن أو الالم المزمن أو بالاكتئاب

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