Saturday, May 18, 2024
Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Breech and stuck child| Full Baby Goat Birth & First Time Mom 😫 NOT ONCE AGAIN| Brier


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Breech and stuck child| Nigerian Dwarf delivering for the very first time 😫 NOT ONCE AGAIN
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👉🏼Chapters in the video 👈🏼
00:00 – 00:40 Intro
00:41 – 02:13 Brier lost her ligaments and this is what I did
02:32 – 02:59 I let her head out since she is stressed
03:00 – 05:02 Brier remains in the kidding pen
05:03 – 06:16 Brier in active labor ( what it appears like on her)
06:17 – 09:13 Pushing and is a big child, Dom Junior I call him
09:14 – 09:55 Meeting mother
09:56 – 11:27 She can’t press this child out, it’s stuck and breech, she required asitance
11:28 – 13:22 I didn’t believe the child lived.
13:23 – 17:09 Teaching child goats to nurse from mother
17:10 – 18:54 They instantly sign up with the herd, 2 more mommies remain in labor

Duration 00:18:55 👁 807 👍 59 👎

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  1. Yes please don't ever stop recording hun. Good or bad it happens. Ppl learn by watching and u learn by doing. Also if your unsure about something u can ask questions learn and so next time u can be better prepared. We all win here on yt?. And u did great. See no matter what u see those backwards kids the vet said grab and pull. And don't stop. For the best.

  2. Kidding season part 1 is over, so I will be editing Mocha and Annie's births and share them with you, in the next couple of days I have so much footage of these babies that idk how to put it together on a video! I guess that is a good problem to have =D

    I'll try to be in the chat for the Premiere, but if I'm not there I just don't have service, I have another dreaded Dr appt so I never know if I will be by the phone or not.

    Tomorrow is Mocha's birth then Annie' and then all the baby cuteness running around and part of the bottle feeding drama.

    I think you are going to love the next 2 videos!

    Thanks for tuning in to VLogMarch everyday!



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