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Cat Moms Nursing Their Cute Baby Kittens Videos Compilation Cats Meowing Mziwna


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Meet Mama Cat, the oldest cat breastfeeding her daughter! Mama Cat and her daughter, Maman Laisse, were born in the wild and have been breastfeeding together ever since.

This amazing video shows us what happens when an old cat meets a newborn baby. Mama Cat breastfeeds her daughter all the time, even when her son, Ado Chaton, is around. It’s fascinating to watch and shows us just how long breastfeeding can last!

English: New Horizon MZiwna
It is important to note that in many countries it is illegal to own or breed any animal for the purpose of fighting. He must be treated with care and respect, and any form of animal cruelty is strictly prohibited.

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Français: New Horizon MZiwna
Il est important de noter que dans de nombreux pays, il est illégal de posséder ou d’élever un animal à des fins de combat. Il doit être traité avec soin et respect, et toute forme de cruauté envers les animaux est strictement interdite.

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من المهم أن نلاحظ أنه في العديد من البلدان ، من غير القانوني امتلاك أو تربية أي حيوان لغرض القتال. يجب معاملته بعناية واحترام ، وأي شكل من أشكال القسوة على الحيوانات ممنوع منعا باتا

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